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Long as I can see the light

Norm and John and I spent an afternoon on the reservation, which has its own plates.

Whew. I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel of dread. And as long as I can see the light, I can take time to do a quick post.

It’s been a whirlwind week and a half, and though I wouldn’t miss it for anything, keeping up and catching up with school has been hellish. Got my 10-page policy paper in with 11 ½ hours to spare then actually went to Kroger and grocery shopped like a normal person, so this is my celebratory catch-up blog, before I review and take an online test later tonight.

Then there’s the presentation tomorrow night and catching up on reading for that class, a three-page paper due Sunday, a quiz Monday, and, and, and ….

Oh well. I got back in the exercise groove of baby weights yesterday morning and this afternoon with a Booty Barre DVD (love, love, love Tracey Mallett’s workouts). That always makes me feel more sane. If I can advise anyone on one thing it’s this: Set your exercise alarm and just do it. It’s the key to life, in my book. Blog. Whatever.

But back to the trip. Since I was able to download the pics from the real camera once we got home – right on time Monday afternoon WITH our luggage, both rarities – I can share some more Washington delights. Here they are:

Kitty and Norm recently moved from Yakima to this wonderful spot just up the hill from where Kitty and John grew up in Selah.

Ignore the cars in the Fred Meyer's parking lot and check out the trees and that sky. October in the desert.

Dave and Queen Nora with their darling grandkids – sibling 3 is arriving Nov. 3.

Outside Lakeview Cemetery. The ultra-high turned up boots are stylishly hiding a not-so-stylish hole from the leggings blowout I had that morning.

Sunday afternoon in Seattle.

Dave and Nora's little Dolly is a condo dog in Ballard these days.