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Time of the season

So, first let me clear something up – it’s the time of the season to catch up in a hurry because John was right and I was wrong. We are a season behind on The Walking Dead, we think because I’d overdosed on gore (even fake barbecue-guts gore) and refused to watch for a while, though, frankly, we’re too old to remember for sure.

We may be in an older demographic, but we definitely fall into the new TV-watching model of watching nothing for a while then bingeing our brains out, so now we’re in heavy zombie-binge mode.

(And this gave me a good excuse to refer to one of my favorite Zombies’ songs.)

I think we watched one episode earlier this week, but I know we stayed up way too late the last two nights watching (“Just one more?”) three episodes in a row. Without commercials, they’re 43 minutes each, so it could be worse. But still.

We started our binge and purge cycles of watching with Weeds (caught up for the last season), followed that with Mad Men (we’re caught up and waiting on the next season), then Arrested Development in record time. We’re halfway through the new shows, which aren’t as compellingly funny as the originals, though we do have to finish. We’ve invested time and, well, they’re still addictive and dopey.

John also binged on Breaking Bad, but I refused to join him. I can only give so much of my reading and doing time to television. I recognize that it was great – and I was thrilled to see that an episode was titled “Ozymandias.” Clever, clever writers. I knew in a flash what was going down just by knowing the poem by Shelley.

So I probably would have liked the show. I watched the last episode with John, though, so I won’t go back. Too many books are stacked in too many piles around my house (and now on my iPad, as well). They whisper “Laura! Laura!” to remind me how behind I am.

Such is life.

One toke over the line, TV-wise …

Short takes night

OK, we admit it. John and I are addicted to Weeds. Plural. As in the Showtime series on Blu-ray. And we really don’t watch much TV. We don’t even get Showtime – we’re HBO for occasional movies and Bill Maher.

It started innocently enough. Son Ben brought over Season 1 with an offhand, “Here, I think you might really like this.” We watched it in less than a week and last night were at his house begging for more. After tonight, we’re four episodes into Season 2. We’re on a binge.


As far as other TV goes, we (I) rarely miss The Daily Show, and though we haven’t officially joined the Colbert Nation (and what is up with the Super Super Pac??), I find it hard to sleep without seeing what that southern Catholic boy and faux conservative is up to each night.