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The waiting

The waiting is almost over for Tom Petty’s Verizon Arena show and I couldn’t be more excited.

Maybe that makes me a little girl, but his show in Memphis about a decade ago was probably THE best concert I’ve seen, and his music is a huge part of the soundtrack of my life. And my children’s. Can’t wait.

(Hard Promises,  especially, got me through a dark spell. Be sure to click on “the waiting” link for an excellent version of one of my favorite songs.)

Speaking of important/influential people in my life, two icons from my youth departed in the past week.

As Barnabas Collins in Dark Shadows, Jonathan Frid was an immortal — and someone I rushed home from school to see for a few years – but he passed on Friday, April 13, at 87. (Oddly, just last night I was talking to John about him and we got up to that news this morning. Cue Dark Shadows soundtrack …)

And Arkansas native Levon Helm laid down his weight yesterday at the increasingly younger age of 71.  You made us proud, Levon.

The most important icon from my youth to pass on in April was, of course, my father, who died 30 years ago at 48 on April 24. That’s thirty, 3-0, three decades – so hard to believe in some ways and the reason T.S. Eliot’s “April is the cruelest month,” from “The Wasteland,” sticks so in my head.

And the reason I’m waiting for April to be over this year.

The waiting for the West Memphis 3 to be released from prison may be over, but the waiting for them to be cleared is infuriatingly and embarrassingly far from over, a point made very clear at the William H. Bowen School of Law symposium Wednesday, April 18.

“Exploring Evidence: Lessons from the ‘West Memphis Three’ Cases” was interesting, informative and eye-opening, proving that even though followers might think they know it all, there’s always more to boggle the mind.

This won’t go away, folks. Jason Baldwin, Damien Echols and Jessie Miskelley are still waiting for justice – as are the memories and families of Stevie Branch, Christopher Byers and Michael Moore.

All eyes will be on Arkansas again soon as this mishandled and bungled case gets so much new publicity – movies and books will begin springing up all over later this year.

At some point justice will be served.


April may be the cruelest month in some ways, but April in the Quapaw Quarter is beautiful. One of the nicest things about living downtown is walking the dogs, especially through Mt. Holly Cemetery.

Life downtown keeps getting better, too, as Main Street continues to come back to life. Check out the information about an “idea generation” meeting May 5 to be held at the Oxford American, which has big ideas and plans of its own. Promises to be good.

We downtown-dwellers are excited.

Mt. Holly Cemetery is beautiful anytime, but it's especially radiant in the spring.

"Whatcha doing, Dad?" Tess and Zuzu love running through Mt. Holly, but they don't understand stopping for photos.

Give me just a little more time

For the past week and a half or so, I’ve really needed some magical power to give me just a little more time. I’ve wanted to blog and I’ve wanted to sew, but all my creative efforts have gone toward school. This weekend was the second marathon session of Family Mediation, 5-9 Friday night and all day Saturday and Sunday, which was great, but now we’re sitting powerless in the candlelight, without a clue what’s going on.

No bang of a transformer blowing. No crash of a vehicle meeting a utility pole, just sudden silence and darkness with occasional sirens in the distance. Kind of peaceful, actually, except for the eerie stillness in the air. And the next round of sirens that just started on Roosevelt.

Life in the ’hood.

So much for hitting the fab pile of fabric that’s been untouched for days.

That’s been rather the modus operandi of late, one surprise/disruption after another.

Oh well. Might as well use this time to write about what’s happened in the days I’ve been absent, even though I can’t post it until we get re-Entergized. Yesterday was John’s, Kitty’s, their friend Paul’s and their cousin Joanne’s birthday.

John, Cathy, brother Paul and I celebrated John’s big day at Ciao last night. Dinner was divine, as always. Such a nice restaurant, and how lucky we Quapawians are to have it! Five of our neighbors were at nearby tables, which made for an extra-nice touch.

Thursday Julia and I went to the Little Rock Sustainability Summit at the Clinton Library, which was another treat. Afterward Julia sat through my presentation for class today (thanks, again!), then I gave her a stylish new bob in my kitchen – we had a large time. Fun can be free.

Speaking of bobs, while we were sitting at the summit, I looked out the huge library window at a hotel that Daddy (Bob Cartwright) remodeled sometime before he became ill. Reminders are everywhere, especially in April.

By this time 30 years ago, he’d lost his ability to speak. But his strong, brave, young heart continued to beat.

I’m writing this April 15, which is the day the taxman cometh, but more importantly, it’s my grandmother Verna Jewel Tackett’s birthday (she’d be 96, had we not lost her when she was 85).

In 1982, this was nine days before Daddy’s death, though of course we didn’t know that then. We just knew it was imminent.

He died on April 24, on my grandfather Doyle Tackett’s birthday. April has always been an important birthday month. Now we also have Marie-Noelle on the 18th and Elizabeth on the 21st.

Which is also the date we see Tom Petty. Hallelujah! Can’t wait. Love that TP.

And of course Sunday was Easter at Mother’s. Quiche divine,  four kinds, with roasted veggies and peach cobbler. Heavenly.

On Friday the 6th, Julia and I took Sylvia for a walk down the sidewalks of Argenta (which we used to call downtown North Little Rock when I was little), inside Galaxy Furniture, and to lunch at Argenta Market, which was all a real treat on a lovely day.

So maybe it just seems like every second has gone toward school. I guess I really don’t know where it’s gone.

I do know that two long research papers and one (hard!) test are all that’s left of this semester. Can that possibly be true?

I could still use a little more time. Can’t somebody give me some? It’s going oh-so fast.

P.S. Power came back at 10:40ish. No explanation.