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Talk talk

Eleanor Roosevelt’s wonderful quote about conversations came across my radar again recently, and I’ve been thinking about it since.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people,” the great woman once said (or, as the journalist in me requires, reportedly said).

Now I would never claim to be a great mind, but gossip is something that not only do I try to avoid, but that wears me out. Bores me and makes me sad.

Yet some people do nothing but talk-talk about people they know – or don’t know. Or, worse, claim someone said something she didn’t. Ugh.

As a frequent victim of both types of gossip throughout my life, I’ve been relieved to be an old gal and have it finally begin to die down.

Or so I thought. Lately it’s been cropping up again.

Please, folks, if you didn’t hear someone say it, maybe he didn’t. If you didn’t see her do it, maybe it didn’t happen. Benefit of a doubt, and all that jazz.

I remember a time in high school when I added a benign comment to something the popular “mean girls” were saying about an innocent victim – haunts me to this day because I didn’t stand up for her, even though I knew they were lying.

OK, PSA over. Just think before you speak, please.


On to an average discussion about events, occasions in the collective life of the inhabitants of Lollypopland. But, wait: First I have to say how thrilled I am that, today, at least, Little Rock is a city of love and equality for all. Hallelujah! Stand up tall. Arkansas is ahead of the curve on marriage equality in the south.

Congratulations to all my LGBT friends! We know the legal wrangling’s not over, but, still, today is a day to celebrate. Chris Piazza, sir, hats off to you.

And also let me mention how concerned I am for my grandchildren – for all of us – that as the Antarctic ice sheets melt and glaciers in Greenland recede much sooner than expected, only 47 percent of Americans believe humans are contributing to climate change, and 23 percent believe it’s not a real phenomena. (That’s according to Mother Jones in January – could be worse by May, but I don’t want to look. File under “things that keep a grandmother awake at night.”)


Tess is quite the happy girl on her 9th birthday.

Tess is quite the happy girl on her 9th birthday.  That’s 3-year-old Zuzu, not Tess’ younger self, behind her.

Now, let me say “Happy birthday!” to our beautiful Tessie, who is 9 today. She had chicken jerky and raw and cooked asparagus in lieu of cake. Yes, asparagus – she loves it, which could be one reason she’s so svelte.

Things have changed drastically for the fam. The youngest grandchild’s allergy blood tests came back, and the little guy is allergic to milk, eggs and peanuts. Baby Epi-pen allergic. “Mom, Lolly and Grammy have to relearn how to cook” allergic.

Maybe Liz and I will be sharing some recipes here.

All-in-all, I feel good about it, though. He’s had such serious allergies and trouble gaining weight. His Uncle Ben had to do two years sans eggs and milk (though not as ingredients, as Silas faces, just not on their own), but after that, Ben could add them back into his diet.

We’re thinking positively. As for his other allergy, dogs, well, we all have dogs, so we’ll be careful and he’ll take allergy medicine. Someday he’ll take allergy shots like Lolly. (I also have an Epi-pen for antibiotic reactions and a sulfite allergy.) We’re an allergic bunch, in general, even the in-laws – the rest of the fam is allergic to cats, but not Si. Go figure.

Yesterday, Mother’s Day, Mother, Cathy, Liz and I did the 50th Quapaw Quarter Spring Tour of Homes together – but neglected to take any photos, sadly. Mother looked beautiful but tiny.

Life in a historic home is often one step forward, two steps back. Zuzu supervises the situation, of course.

Life in a historic home is often one step forward, two steps back. Zuzu supervises the situation, of course.

In addition to volunteering for the tour, John spent part of his day ripping out the outside wall on our historic home to get at the carpenter ant, termite and wood rot damage under my bathtub. That’s also part of living in the Quapaw Quarter – maintenance on old houses is high.

And we’re still not finished renovating. Feels like a circle-back-in-time-warp, in a way.

But that’s an idea for another time.