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Ob-la-di, ob-la-da

The other night, shortly before my mother-in-law, Doris, fell and broke her hip, I was singing “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” to Annabelle, who turned 4 today. She turned to me with her enormous eyes widened and said excitedly, “You used to sing that to me when I was very little.”

Yes, I did, when she was months old and I had the pleasure of keeping her when her mom first went back to work. We listened to music every day. (I’m constantly singing to the grandkids – one of those grandmothers. I was as impressed as she was excited that she remembered.

And since it’s such a cycle-of-life-affirming song for this spell we’re going through (albeit an alternative lifestyle), it seems the perfect backdrop for this dual purpose post.

In case you missed it before, not only did our darling Doris break her hip two days before Christmas, she died in the early  morning two days after Christmas. John and I made a hasty trip to the Yakima Valley (in Washington) and it’s been a confusing and blurry time.

She was 93 and had been lost in confusion for years, but what a great little lady she was.

I’d like to share a few sweet photos from her lifetime.

Baby Doris Haworth, with her paternal grandparents, shortly after her birth in October 1921.

Baby Doris Haworth, with her paternal grandparents, shortly after her birth in October 1921.

Little Doris Hardy, sometime in the early 1940s, I'd say, with her beloved mother and darling baby sister, Irene (who towered over her

Doris (the little one), sometime in the early 1940s, I’d say, with her beloved mother and darling baby sister, Irene (who towered over her “big” sister and is still a ball of fire).

Doris in her prime – definitely around her birthday, and I'm guessing in the vicinity of 40. Kitty, can you correct or confirm?

Doris in her glorious prime – at her 40th birthday party.

We saw her for a moment before she was cremated, and as her beloved Walt (Allan, her second husband, to whom she was married for 38 years) chose to be scattered in the mountains he loved to hike, her ashes now rest in her mother’s grave. She adored her mother, so it’s a perfect resting place.

But Doris resides in the hearts of all who knew her.

We came back flight-delayed in the middle of the night – and well into January – with our bedraggled Christmas tree still standing – I undecorated it yesterday, just before Annabelle’s party, and John carried the sad little thing to the curb today.

Life goes on.

In three months, Mother and I go to Italy. I’ve got to get my head back into that trip, book our train tickets, learn Italian (OK, refresh myself enough to get by), etc. etc. The good new is that Mother’s health is on a definite upswing at the moment.

John is hanging in there. He and Mother have a  mutual admiration society and deep love for each other, so that helps. But losing your mommy when she’s been a good one, no matter your age  …

Mother, looking fabulous, and John share some thoughts at Annabelle's party, the first chance we had to see her since we got back two days before.

Mother, looking fabulous, and John share some thoughts at Annabelle’s party, the first chance we had to see her since we got back two days before.

Life goes on, happy ever after – despite the all-too-frequent bumps these days – especially when you get to be Lolly and Pop to five precious grandkids.


Until next time – ob-la-di.

So much to say

Lately I’ve had so much to say and so little time time say it – well, blog it anyway. I’m sure I fill John’s ears to the bursting point – the granddaughters get their chattiness from Lolly (and Grammy, both who made less than stellar grades in conduct in school).

Having a lot to say isn’t a bad thing, but when you want to write, need to write but don’t have time, that can create inner turmoil. And, if you’re like me, you forget half the topics you’d “written” so nicely in your head while doing other things.

Much of my busy-ness is unavoidable. Part of it is Laura-created.

Sometimes I spin in circles (metaphorically)  like King, the mentally handicapped collie who lived behind my grandparents in Russellville when Cathy and I were little – when we’d tell him to go home, he’d spin in a few circles before he could get himself righted to amble on off.

I also get distracted easily or find diversions (see previous paragraph as an example). Sometimes that takes up valuable time, but other times it turns into something valuable.


In a departure from the usual Nikes, Asics!

Just today when I ran in to buy some new running shoes – they’re for walking, really, but running shoes are what I buy – I got into a nice long conversation with a woman about my age and her husband. She’s hoping to return to running and wanted my advice and help in picking out shoes. She actually had on sprinting shoes, as in flat-out, curled-toe racers, so I ended up explaining the difference in shoes, how they should fit, etc., etc.

We didn’t swap names and phone numbers and promise to keep in touch, but that’s happened before.

Now, back to my point. I had many things to write about this week: Books (I’ve finished my late-night dates with Bruce and moved on), movies (we’ve seen/re-seen some good ones of late), some reminiscences that seemed really important on the days I thought of them but which escape me now. But, yet again, those will have to wait.

Once again, I have pain in the shoulder – baby boy overload that I wouldn’t trade for the world – that will limit my computer time, and I’ve got important grandmothery things to cover.

And a big old thank you to offer again to my darling neighbor, 12-year-old Anneliese, who helped me Thursday when I had all five grand-bambinos solo. Crazy to think she was younger than our oldest grandchild when we were lucky enough to get her family as neighbors.

So I didn’t touch my sewing again this week. I didn’t blog as much as I wanted and intended. The house stayed dirty. But in addition to working part-time, I got my yearly checkup, helped with the grandkids and went with Mother to her doctor. John and I saw a movie with friends. Rhonda and I went to an art exhibit at Oxford American.

And we did manage to finish season 1 of “Arrested Development” last night.

I’ll do better next week. Or I won’t (though I hope I do). Life will go on.