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Rockin’ at midnight

Another year has flown by! We may not be rockin’ at midnight like the younger kids, but that’s OK; we have lots to feel festive about as we roll in the new year. Not only has this old world survived another year of overuse and abuse, but it’s been a banner year in LollyPopLand.

After 4½ years of His Royal Judeness (aka The Judester, The Juderino, or The Forever First Grandchild),  2011 exploded with love in the form of the angel girls, Annabelle and Sylvia. 

All in all, it was a very good year. To replay just the highlights:

January: Annabelle Rose arrived on the 11th to everyone’s great joy.

 Thank you, Elizabeth. We’re proud of you, Ben.

February: John and I celebrated seven years of marriage with nary an itch.

March: Our beloved Kitty marked two years since her last cancer treatment and all is well. Hallelujah!

April: Pop turned 60 with a big birthday bash,  and Annabelle started to stay with us during the day for a few weeks. 

May: Tessie turned 6, and what a mature girl she is. 

June: Sylvia Frances made her debut on June 14,  and Master Jude, the elder, turned 5 on the 28th! (Where did those five years go?) Thanks, Liz and Brent!

July: “Midnight in Paris” made us feel like we were there, and Mother turned 76 in good health. Hooray!

August: The West Memphis 3 were freed on the 19th!! The circumstances could have been more forthright, but at least the nightmare is over. On the familial front, Jude started kindergarten and John and I started grad school.

September: Rhonda and I had birthdays together for the 24th year, and Occupy Wall Street caught people’s attention.

October: Zuzu had her first birthday and we couldn’t be prouder.  Yes, we could – John’s mother turned 90 (!) and we got to be there! 

November: At our fun family Thanksgiving, I was grateful I’d just been accepted to the MSW program. 

December: The last troops rolled out of Iraq!! John and I both pulled out all As, and Marie-Noelle and Cesar came for Christmas, all the way from Switzerland. 

Make that it was a great year. Things are never simple and nothing is perfect, but all things considered, we have a wonderful life.