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Rockin’ at midnight

Another year has flown by! We may not be rockin’ at midnight like the younger kids, but that’s OK; we have lots to feel festive about as we roll in the new year. Not only has this old world survived another year of overuse and abuse, but it’s been a banner year in LollyPopLand.

After 4½ years of His Royal Judeness (aka The Judester, The Juderino, or The Forever First Grandchild),  2011 exploded with love in the form of the angel girls, Annabelle and Sylvia. 

All in all, it was a very good year. To replay just the highlights:

January: Annabelle Rose arrived on the 11th to everyone’s great joy.

 Thank you, Elizabeth. We’re proud of you, Ben.

February: John and I celebrated seven years of marriage with nary an itch.

March: Our beloved Kitty marked two years since her last cancer treatment and all is well. Hallelujah!

April: Pop turned 60 with a big birthday bash,  and Annabelle started to stay with us during the day for a few weeks. 

May: Tessie turned 6, and what a mature girl she is. 

June: Sylvia Frances made her debut on June 14,  and Master Jude, the elder, turned 5 on the 28th! (Where did those five years go?) Thanks, Liz and Brent!

July: “Midnight in Paris” made us feel like we were there, and Mother turned 76 in good health. Hooray!

August: The West Memphis 3 were freed on the 19th!! The circumstances could have been more forthright, but at least the nightmare is over. On the familial front, Jude started kindergarten and John and I started grad school.

September: Rhonda and I had birthdays together for the 24th year, and Occupy Wall Street caught people’s attention.

October: Zuzu had her first birthday and we couldn’t be prouder.  Yes, we could – John’s mother turned 90 (!) and we got to be there! 

November: At our fun family Thanksgiving, I was grateful I’d just been accepted to the MSW program. 

December: The last troops rolled out of Iraq!! John and I both pulled out all As, and Marie-Noelle and Cesar came for Christmas, all the way from Switzerland. 

Make that it was a great year. Things are never simple and nothing is perfect, but all things considered, we have a wonderful life.

If I fell …

This picture, sits (largely unnoticed these days) in our kitchen, but it’s from the giddy early days of dating  just over nine years ago, when we were deciding how safe it was if we fell for each other.

We were giddy, but we were cautious, too, but we pretty quickly realized there was no danger because we’d always be there to catch each other. We got married about a year and a half later.

Taking a miracle like happy, healthy love for granted is easy when you live with it day in and day out. We shouldn’t.

Our friend who took this very picture and teased us unmercifully about being giddy and gaggy is in the same predicament herself these days. (You know who you are, and we’re very happy for you. Giddy and gaggy is a good thing.)

I could say we got married in a fever, but that would be a lie because it hasn’t burned out. We did get married twice, though, once in Little Rock, to get the legalities out of the way, and again on a beach on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica in front of our sisters and their husbands with vows we wrote together.

Brother Paul (my sister’s wonderful husband) read a poem he wrote for us. The sisters cried. We cried. The brothers-in-law even got teary.

Kitty, Norm, Paul and Cathy helped us celebrate our new life together.

In just over a month, Kitty and Norm, Cathy and Paul, and John and I are hitting the beaches together again – Mayan ruins in 2012, baby. We’re not scared, though we are going in January rather than December. You know, just in case.

I’m ever so glad to be traveling, but John, as I’m sure you know, I’m happy just to dance through life with you.

Consider this a little early Christmas cheer from me to you.

The things we do for love

Yesterday as my excellent friend Julia and I were scrambling around cleaning my crazy house for our talented friend Rhonda’s jewelry party, “The Things We Do for Love” started playing in my head.

That’s mildly odd, considering I never loved that song – it’s got a catchy beat and you can dance to it, but it was never on my top hits list.

But it was the explanation for what was going on. Julia, one hand in a removable cast because she has a fractured wrist, volunteered to come help me clean. When you live in a construction project, anything very fancy requires major-league, frantic cleaning. Factor in finals, and egad.

John had more on his mind (like sanding sheetrock, ordering carpet — manly stuff — but he spent much of his day on a ladder vacuuming and cleaning sheetrock (and other) dust and dried doggy drool off the blinds, as well as cleaning the front windows.

When time was running short, Julia took over the decorating of our Christmas tree – you can see how nicely it turned out.

(And check out the detail shot; Jude made the clown ornament when he was 3. Lolly’s little artist.) 

Julia and I have discussed the instantaneousness of our friendship. Wethinks our paths have crossed before.

It’s nice being the recipient of such love. And of course we were doing it out of our love for Rhonda, who makes phenomenal jewelry. (If you missed the trunk show and want to see her wares, visit her website.)

A little sleet and a lot of cold didn’t keep people away and we had a great time. My dear friend Julie scored this fabulous blue necklace.  And Rhonda gave me these supercool earrings. 

Rhonda (of course) and Anita, two of my oldest friends, were there, as well as old friends Sonny (the sole man besides the hubster) and Julie and new friends from school. Cool.

Tess was a perfect lady and Zuzu was good too, unless she was scolding someone (loudly) for daring to take a cream puff. After all, she got slammed to the floor after sneaking her second one off the platter before people arrived. Mom said no! Mom said no!

She tried to explain that cream puffs were off-limits, but she scared some people, unfortunately.

Tess offered a toy to anyone who wanted to play but took it nicely when told it wasn’t play time. At 6, she’s ever so mature. At 14 months, Zuzu is a goofball at times.

OK, back to finals. Just had to appreciate my friends and loved ones. To sign off here’s a very old and fun clip of the Divine Miss M and the Harlettes singing about that very subject.

Excellent friend and neighbor Ellen does early shopping at Rhonda’s trunk show.