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Dancing in the moonlight

Whew. Just finished a 10 1/2 page paper on dancing in the moonlight years – actually, it’s about the benefits of dancing for exercise and improved brain function in the elder years and looks at three specific types, ballroom, belly dance and choreographed/troupe-style dance.

The benefits are pretty impressive, and, for me, anyway, dancing is a path to joy. 

If you’re interested, maybe I’ll post some of it here sometime after it’s been submitted for grading.

In the meantime, you can check out some great videos of seniors who are members of the Company of Elders  in London at this link. (Um, click on those words. They’ll take you there. It’s worth it.)

Now it’s on to the 13-page paper on power imbalances in family mediation. I’ll spare you details on that one, but it’ll have me pretty tied up for the next few days.

But I wanted to pop in to say hey and remind you to dance often.