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Everybody I love you

Any day now we’ll be getting a new addition to the growing roster of people I love so much that it feels my heart could burst. Exciting.

I’m already in love with little Silas; his actual presence will just add to the joy.

Our friend Gail Roberson embroidered Silas' new Boppy that Liz's BFF Camille Roberson Hemmer got the newby.

Our friend Gail Roberson embroidered Silas’ new Boppy that Liz’s BFF Camille Roberson Hemmer got the newby.

When my son Ben was born right after I turned 23, I thought I could never love another person that much. Then Liz debuted 15 months later, and I loved her every bit as much. I’d gladly die for either of them.

Most parents think they can never love anyone as much as they love their children – with the kind of love that you can’t explain with words. You have to experience it to grasp the depth; it can take your breath away.

I think that’s why many adult children appreciate their own parents more after they become parents themselves.

Grandchildren, though, turn that myth upside down. We learned that with Jude.

Jude is such a big boy now.

Jude is such a big boy now.

The love just multiplies or your heart expands with each addition. I’d give my life for any of them.

But I want to stay right here and enjoy them all. And my husband and mother and  sister and in-laws and cousins and wonderful friends – and dog children. I’m lucky in love these days(and music saves my mortal soul, but that’s another story).

That is all, except for pictures of the cutest grandkids ever. Carry on.

Ben's firstborn, Annabelle, and Liz's firstborn, Jude, the dethroned crown prince of grandchildren. He doesn't mind, though – he has a big heart.

Ben’s firstborn, Annabelle, and Liz’s firstborn, Jude, the dethroned crown prince of grandchildren. He doesn’t mind, though – he had a 4 1/2 -year run of being the only grandchild, but he has a big heart and loves his sibs and cousins.

Annabelle and Daddy Ben

Daddy Ben is oblivious to the camera, but Annabelle loves to pose for pictures.

Sylvia watches Sesame Street videos on the computer. She put her headband on by herself.

Sylvia watches Sesame Street videos on the computer. (She put her headband on by herself.) She’s very computer-savvy and expanded the video to full-screen right after this photo was taken.

Luke has one of the sweetest faces and dispositions ever.

Luke has one of the sweetest faces and dispositions ever.


This was a two-party week in LollyPopLand. We have lots to celebrate.


Tuesday night was our third election night watch party – and the second in a row to behappy occasions. Good friends, good food, Blue Champagne Cocktails and a repeat (only better if I do say so myself) of the “confidence cake” from four years ago. 

This old lady was up until 2 after cleaning, watching concession/acceptance speeches calming down.

Lolly and Pop in his Barry O Hawaii shirt.

But today was a family affair, a double celebration of my baby boy’s 34th birthday yesterday and his baby boy’s impending arrival tomorrow.

Birthday boy sporting his new “dress” Razorback toboggan.

Our new baby boy will be Luke  – and since my baby boy Ben was an uber-Star Wars fan, it was only right to get a Star Wars-themed cake. (He and Liz were Luke and Leia for days on end as little-bitty kids.)

My over-achieving days are over, though, so I farmed out this cake assignment. Our neighborhood Community Bakery has been our go-to place for non-Lolly/Mom-made cakes for at least 25 years.

My boy Ben has been bigger than me for 20 years, but he’s still my baby. Grandpa Bill can’t get over how time has flown.

We had a crazy good time, as usual. The boys were wild, as usual, and the little girls precious, as usual.

Mother and Bill were hale and hearty, which is something we don’t take for granted anymore.

Instead, we’re grateful for every moment. Especially when we’re all together.

Whipping post

“You want this. You chose this. You waited for this for years. You’re insane for starting with 12 hours. I’ve been tied (doo, doo, doo, doo, doo), yes, I’ve been tied (doo, doo, doo, doo, doo)) to the whipping post.”

These thoughts compete constantly in my head the past few days as the reality of 12 hours of grad school has set in. Don’t get me wrong. I love it.

It’s TONS of work, but I love it. I don’t have much time to read Newsweek, Mother Jones, O and Rolling Stone, all of which are piling up, (though I still take time to read the daily news), but I love it.

Movie-going has taken a hit (though I will see Contagion this week, come hell or high water), and my pile of pleasure reading will just have to sit for a while. But, seriously, I do love it.

I just was a bit underprepared.

My daughter told me I’d be fine with 12 hours, but that my biggest problem was that I’m a “social person” with lots of commitments. She’s right.

My mother tells me I’ll be fine. “You love to learn and you can do it,” she says. “Just remember to eat and get some sleep.” She’s right. (And aren’t I lucky at 56-in-a-few-days to have a mother around to reassure me of that?)

My Diversity and Oppression professor (LOVE that class) tells us that in grad school we should expect to spend two to three hours outside of class for every hour in class. So, three in-class hours times four classes equals up to  36 hours + the 12ish in class.

Nine hours is full-time. Now I understand why.

Textbook/notebooks are taking over the kitchen.

Oh, and there’s this thing called Blackboard that takes a lot of time, though it is pretty fun. You get to chat up a storm on issues that matter, but you also have to check it constantly for extra assignments.

Blackboard, a huge part of college in the 21st century

College has changed.

But life goes on. Yesterday I took time to have a very fun lunch with a few members of my high school graduating class, and last night Cathy (little sis) and Paul and John and I kept the babygirls during the Razorback game. The girls were angels and we had a ball (I’ll spare you the extreme poopage story that had Cathy and me almost falling down laughing), but I couldn’t have made it without baby sister’s help.

I came home to a pair of bifocals broken into tiny pieces, courtesy of Zuzu, who was letting me know she hadn’t had enough quality time in the past few days. But Cathy and I took the doggygirls on a long walk this morning and they’re properly crashed on the floor now, so I don’t have to feel guilty about all the homework/studying required this afternoon.

Mom, I’m bored. You’re always on that computer.

I made it through my bachelor’s degree – while raising two toddlers – on coffee, chocolate chip cookies, apples and no sleep. This time I hope to do better nutritionally (though a large iced coffee in a Rubber Soul glass is at my elbow as I type, and wine and dirty vodka martinis, shaken, straight-up, are nice coping tools).

As for the sleep, that remains to be seen.

Mainly I hope to stay sane. (Music helps – and my son gave me  Drive-By Trucker’s Greatest Hits last night for my birthday!) Time will tell. And time waits for no one – which means now it’s time for homework.