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And in the end …

Just watched an Andrew Weil documentary tonight – makeup work for a class I missed to come to Selah, Washington, for my mother-in-law’s 90th-birthday celebration, which is tomorrow. The subject and title of the documentary is “Healthy Aging” (available on Netflix) and one of the concepts he discussed is making an ethical will. 

That has nothing to do with what material things you’ll leave behind when you break on through to the other side, but what intangibles you want to leave behind. What words of wisdom to live by do you want to share with those you love?

Weil says you don’t have to be any certain age to create an ethical will. That’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while (grandchildren, while a source of great joy, can also make you pensive), and it will require much more thought than I’m giving it tonight.

But during the course of the movie, I immediately thought that no one could say it better than the Beatles did. Click on the link and hear for yourself. I hope you’ll agree.

And in the the end …