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Time passages

This falls under the category of random musings on life, I suppose, but yesterday was a good day. Reminded me that no matter how crazy things are right now, life is short and time passes more quickly than you can imagine.

Got up early and worked nonstop (except for an exercise break) on school work in order make it to a dentist appointment, then to grandson Jude’s soccer game. Came home after the game, walked the dogs and ate Digiorno pizza  while we watched one episode of “Weeds.” Then it was back to reading the Medicare Primer.  

In other words, nothing extraordinary. But all good. Even learning I have to get a replacement crown, which will cost a small fortune for a granny in grad school didn’t put a damper on things. It’s the original ugly crown I got when Liz was a tiny baby, so that puts it at close to 31 years old.

I’d nursed Ben his last four months (poor boy got a bit cheated) while pregnant with Liz, so the teeth took a bit of a hit. I remember like it was yesterday when the tooth broke – I was in my bamboo Bentwood rocker, possibly with a baby in my lap, and eating Crunch ’n’ Munch when I thought I bit a really hard piece of popcorn. I spit it in my hand discovered it was half a tooth. 

Twenty-four was young for a crown, but crown technology has much improved, so it’s all good. The ugly one goes.

When I was just arriving at the dentist, Liz called to ask me to bring “Ten Apples Up on Top” to the game – Jude had volunteered that he had the book and his kindergarten teacher asked him to bring it today. When his mother asked him where the book was, he said, “At Lolly’s – it’s in my closet.” Sweet how casually he considers this his second or third home (there’s also Papa’s house in NLR).

At the game, I got to hold Sylvia, who somehow has grown exponentially in about three days. Time passages are amazingly swift. (And that song came out the year my baby boy was born, 1978.)

And I got to visit with one of my wonderful soccer players from NLRHS, Susan Day Mulhearn, who was coaching the opposing team with her brother, Cliff, also a former student. Her three children are precious and she’s a beautiful and gracious – and sweet as ever – young woman.

Another joy of the soccer fields – beside seeing my grandson play and just a general love of soccer – is seeing my friend Amber McCuien, with whom I taught at Central and miss seeing regularly. She also has a player in the 5-year-old league.

Being on the field makes it hard not to coach from the sidelines – it’s not my job, but old habits die hard.

Like goofing around when I should be hitting the books, so it’s time to stop. I’m making a renewed effort to remain calm about things (ask me in a few days how that’s working). I’m tired, but I’m learning. I have an excellent and handsome husband, great kids and grandkids, and a fairly healthy mother and stepfather. A lovely stepdaughter, two fabulous dogs and some wonderful friends.

And everyday for almost 15 years I’ve awakened NOT married to my first husband (another story, coming soon).

Perspective. Must keep it at all times. It’s a beautiful morning.