Team roster and the stats

Cast of characters, in lead roles:

Me, Lolly (also DBA Laura Cartwright Hardy), a grandmother, a mother, a wife and a daughter. Five grandchildren, three kids, a son-in-law, precious Zuzu, our German Shepherd daughter, and my husband, John (also known as Pop), whom I enjoy spending time with.

Supporting characters, family: Cathy and Paul, sister and bro-in-law; twice-widowed Mother; “I can’t believe he’s actually gone”Bill, stepfather of almost 30 years (“Grandpa” to my children and “Papa Bills” to Jude); dearly beloved, long-departed Daddy (“GrandBob” to my kids); great-nephew Nathan; sister-in-law Kitty and brother-in-law precious Norm; and last, and least in size, gone-but-with-us-in-spirit little Doris, John’s mother. Oh, and the granddogs, Wrigley (for the field, because hope springs eternal), also known as Wrigs,  and Little Miss Fancypants, who goes by Fancy. Or Fance.

Supporting characters, almost-family (alphabetically): dear friend since high school Anita; Julia, instant-connection/separated at birth friend; Pam, the sunshine-of-my-life friend since 1966; and Rhonda, fellow Virgo dreamweaver met-as-adult friend from all those years ago.

Love you all. Indulge me.

Boomer fitness, or fit still happens, just not as intensely

So, once upon a time I wrote a newspaper column called “Fit Happens.” This is where I’ll pick up that thread, very occasionally, but geared more toward broken-down/been-repaired baby boomer exercisers. We still work out, we just do it more carefully.

Injuries list (or, Don’t be stupid like me!):

Small break in foot from running days with Trudy; never had it set — didn’t realize it was broken. (Heard the snap but thought it was a tendon. We were young and invincible and kept going.)

Bulging disk in low back

Both rotator cuffs repaired, but slightly re-torn

One torn hamstring, healed

Plantar fasciitis, rarely returns

Torn rib cartilage that still sings the blues on occasion

The real game-changers, exercisewise, have been sciatica caused by the bulging disk, which ended yoga for me, and the rotator cuffs, though the hamstring still wakes me up at night. Funky foot pretty much curtails most running and prevents cowboy boots from being a fashion option.

The sciatica, though, has been blissfully asleep for several years now, as long as I avoid forward bends.

Hubster’s injury list:

Blown disc (don’t lift large motors!) requiring back surgery, which changes everything to a degree

Torn meniscus requiring knee surgery and ending running days

Shoulder tendonitis and frozen shoulder, ending tennis-playing days

And of course there’s the arthritis of the ex-jocks for both of us. But we push on. Details on how and why later.

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