The five little grandkids on Halloween: Only agreeable Luke is in posing mode; the girls are too busy talking and Silas is just not having it. Poor Jude tried.

The five little grandkids on Halloween.

Halloween has come and gone – and was fun as usual – but the scary season remains. How I wish I could wave a wand, say “Abracadabra” and have this election cycle behind us.

Even if it turns out to be a liberal’s (even moderate’s) worst nightmare, at least it will be over. The negativity is palpable and seems to have taken residence in my neck and shoulder. Ouch.

Ever the optimist, though, I’ll remain Pollyanna until the last vote has been tallied and the official results are in. Good conquers evil, right?

Guess that’s the No. 1 thing keeping this grandmother from sleeping well at night lately.

The No. 2 thing is much closer to home.

Little Silas has a serious condition that weighs heavy on my heart, eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE), also referred to as “failure to thrive” in little ones because they can’t gain weight. If I could wave a magic wand and make that go away – or take it on myself to free him from it – I’d use every ounce of strength I’ve got to do it.

He’s Epi-pen allergic to milk – as in, he can get life-threatening anaphylaxis from dairy products – and also allergic to eggs and peanuts. If he doesn’t respond to being off those and on baby Prevacid, he may have to go off wheat and soy, which showed mild reactions on allergy testing.

I’m not going to go into how bad it can be, but you can follow the link above if you want to read more.

Again, we’re super-optimistic (well, hopeful, anyway) that he’ll do well and outgrow some of it – if people don’t feed him the wrong things. And if the medicine helps.

He’s bright and beautiful and funny. When he starts feeling better, there’s no telling what he can do. I see The Tonight Show in his future. (Look out, Jimmy Fallon. Your replacement has been born.)

We’re lucky to have Dempsey Bakery close by; not only do they have fabulous vegan products, but they love to share their knowledge and help others. What a resource!

We’re lucky Liz and I are already vegetarians – makes it easier to adapt recipes.

Even my little 79-year-old Mother is learning to bake vegan-style so Silas can have Grammy-made treats.

2 thoughts on “Abracadabra

  1. You might want to suggest Silas gets off gluten and soy, too. Flax gel makes for a good egg substitute. Been there, done it all. Happy to help if I can with any recipes/substitutions, etc. Wm’s allergic to wheat, dairy, soy, peanuts, tomato, orange and gluten makes him psycho. He is no longer allergic to eggs. In the big picture everyone ends up eating healthier but it’s certainly more complicated. Did the doctor say anything about taking probiotics and fish oil? Melissa McNeese Fit PR (845) 758-2121 Pardon the typos, it’s the iPhone.


    • He probably will end up off them. Dempsey Bakery told us about flax gel. And, thanks. I know you’re a resource. I used to be allergic to milk and eggs (and had asthma) but not to the degree Silas is. Not sure about the probiotics – I think he was on them.

      I’ll keep you posted. xx

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