Happy together

My Comcast rant left me too worn out to mention some instances of very good customer service. I’m not that hard to please, really, and am happy together with several businesses, even if their politics are something best left unacknowledged. I’d like to mention a few that never let us down.

Monday was the day our Chevy Cruze went in for the inevitable recall repair. That’s unfortunate, but Russell Chevrolet in Sherwood never fails to please. While we (the Cruze and I) were there for the airbag recall, the service department noticed it had another recall (something about the coolant system) and made that repair, too, even though we haven’t even been notified yet.

Russell’s a family-owned business that understands customer service is the name of the game.

Sirius Satellite Radio is another company with which I’ve had very nice experiences. Not only can you talk to a human, the human you talk to will help you make the changes you want without bullying or arguing. And even find extra ways to save you money. Nice.

And they give me Tom Petty’s Buried Treasure. Enough said.

Verizon is another company that has always treated us well, whether it be their error or our ineptitude. (See above comment about politics best left unmentioned.)

iTunes has also been exceedingly cooperative in all instances when I’ve needed help, like being hacked and having bogus charges, accidentally buying an album on my iPad (for which they not only refunded the charge, but also said go ahead and keep the album), or having a book that wouldn’t load. Any time I’ve had any issue, the person I’ve talked to has also added some credit to my account for the inconvenience.

With Uverse, it’s really too soon to tell, but so far so good, despite some buffering we didn’t get with the evil one. We even got a handy little video email that explained the billing statement in great detail so we’ll have no surprises.

feudo-arancio-stemmari-sangiovese-sicilia-igt-sicily-italy-10563061Speaking of surprises, of the nice kind, we continue to be thrilled with the affordable wines from Feudo Arancio Stemmari in Sicily. The Sangiovese I found is divine. Now we have the Pinot Noir and Syrah in our wine rack and can’t wait to find the Chardonnay, which I’ve yet to locate in our area. (We also need a few more of the Sangiovese – the two bottles didn’t last long.)

Kudos – and speaking of customer service, the nice folks at Stemmari thanked me for mentioning the Nero D’Avola before. Cool, huh?

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