Run for your life

Ignore John Lennon’s ominous lyrics in “Run for Your Life” and focus instead on the peppy beat and the pace at which things have been moving of late. No time, really, to slow down, but I’ll take a few minutes to catch up on things.

Sometimes you just have to write to process, relax, defuse.

This is the view from the deck at Mother's new digs. I suspect we'll spend lots of time there. I know she will.

This is the view from the deck at Mother’s new digs. I suspect we’ll spend lots of time there. I know she will.

Last weekend was Mother’s big move. Things went remarkably well, though it was labor-intensive and the unpacking, etc., is nowhere near done. Tomorrow Cathy and I go back over to hang artwork and help some more. The good news is that it’s SO much closer and easier to get there that all the trips back and forth have been great.

And I’m happy to help her.

More good news is that she’s happy and already knows many of her neighbors, including the lady next door, from way back.

Mother's new kitchen is tiny – she's used to huge – but we're calling it cozy.

Mother’s new kitchen is tiny – she’s used to huge – but we’re calling it cozy.

Really good news is that by Tuesday at noon (after Mother moved in Saturday), family friend and sweetie Jon Gwatney, who does business as JCLG Construction, had dropped everything to get her a safety-first walkway built from her back door in the garage to the laundry room. Thank you, Jon. We love you (but you know that).

We're all thrilled with Mother's new walkway to her laundry room. Jon Gwatney of JCLG Construction knocked it out in no time so she'd be safe.

We’re all thrilled with Mother’s new walkway to her laundry room. Jon Gwatney of JCLG Construction knocked it out in no time so she’d be safe.

The bad news is (don’t tell Mother) my right rotator cuff seems to have suffered some damage – it’s been marginal since the surgery a few years ago – either from lifting or speed cleaning her old house so the new owners would have a spotless new home.

The left one’s a little tweaky, too, actually. But what do you do? Your duty, then hope you heal. At least that’s how this stubborn daughter of a stubborn mom does things.

After taking Mother to lunch and the bank, Marsha and I ran to Joanne, where I finally got the fabric to make Sylvia her Elsa dress for her third birthday coming up June 14. She’s been talking and singing about it since she asked me to make it a couple of months ago.

Modern grandmothering is wandering through a fabric store with pictures from the movie Frozen on your iPhone so you can find acceptable fabric. I’ll be adapting a pattern, since there’s not one yet. I’m happy to do it for her and at 3, she’s young enough to be happy about whatever I turn out.

Today the dogs and I walked past the new Bennett’s Military Supply location downtown and the old location – while I wore shorts I got at Bennett’s in 1997. Haven’t been in there in years – obviously, they sell stuff that lasts – but it’s important to know the store’s still around.

Love what’s happening to Main Street. If you haven’t seen it lately and you’re from Arkansas, you should. If you’re from Central Arkansas, you must.

Not complaining. Just explaining where The Lolly Diaries have been. I love my life.

But my legs are a little tired.

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