One thing leads to another

Speaking of how one thing leads to another in technology and in life, which is where we left off last time, this week has continued to bear that theme.

I’m still a long way from mastering iOS7, but I did upgrade my iPad. Haven’t touched the computer upgrade, but that will come next. John’s working on the leap from flip-phone to iOS7, which is probably easier in some ways than upgrading an operating system.

But that’s not what this is really about. I’m here (briefly, because so many duties call) to talk about the physical ways one thing leads to another and another and another.

OK, wait, this first – Tuesday was the day of Arkansas Hospice’s memorial service for those who died there in the past year. Liz, Silas, Sylvia, Julia and I accompanied Mother. Interestingly and conveniently, the service was held at Mother’s church, Park Hill Presbyterian, where my kids and sister and I grew up.

Mother said yesterday that the service was a milestone for her. She mentioned that when we were at her appointment with her back surgeon, Dr. Edward Saer, a good doctor and kind man, who is thrilled with how well she’s done and released her from his care. He said our trip to the Great Northwest was her physical test, a milestone, if you will, and she passed with flying colors.

He seems pretty amazed with how well she’s done with the surgery and was extremely happy to see how far she’s come emotionally.

And now that she has little Polly, her pup, Mother is getting more exercise and lots of companionship. So, all good there.

Unfortunately, all’s not so great in my distractibility – had to stop to do some extreme scanning for my husband (I’m a part-time legal assistant), and lost my momentum here. Hmm, where was I going?

I’ll just jump back in with this: Last Friday, I did something pretty dumb (I’m sure you’re shocked), and lifted the larger of our 2-year-old granddaughters over my head and wiggled her around. What the heck? Did I think she was smaller? Did I think I had Silas? Didn’t think at all, I’m afraid, just moved – a common theme with injuries in my life.

Liz and John did not approve – with my rebuilt rotator cuffs, that’s a move to be avoided. The shoulders are fine, but as I lowered Syl to the floor, my mid-back, a place I’ve never had a problem, gave a little shout. It’s been whispering “ouch” off and on since then.

Today I started thinking about why that would happen, and I realized it probably coincides with the softening of my belly that I’ve been observing and saying, “Oh, well, guess it comes with age” about for a year or so. But of course a soft belly means a weak core and a weak back.

When I coached high school girls soccer, we worked the heck out of our cores, and when the girls complained at times, “You kick from your core” was my no-nonsense reply. So I know better.

Sigh. Just when I thought I’d gotten comfortable with a lighter schedule of maintenance-based exercise, I realize I’m going to have to do some rehabbing. I’ve got too many grandbabies who need lifting and frankly, some body parts have given in to gravity a bit more than I like.

Maybe I’ll find a waist. But mainly, I hope to regain function.

P.S. Just because it makes me smile, let me share what came in the mail this morning.

From Pam, who co-stars in most of my Blackhawk posts. We lived The Wonder Years – and some not-so-wonderful years – together. We live in different cities now, but in one heart.

From Pam, who co-stars in most of my Blackhawk posts. We lived The Wonder Years – and some not-so-wonderful years – together. We live apart in different cities now, but together in one heart.

2 thoughts on “One thing leads to another

  1. Sorry for your back pain! It’s so hard to remember all the time that we have to be careful and not do things without thinking. I leaned over to put a pan in the lower cabinet a couple of weeks ago and strained a back muscle (no disc issues, fortunately), which meant days of moving slowly when I really needed to be quick on my feet. Hang in there!

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