Haven’t got time for the pain

By the number of hits this humble blog has gotten on the post about my stepfather’s death from a bowel obstruction, I need to come back to the topic. I will, and I’ll also write about my own lifelong battle with, ultimate major surgery for and continuing problems with my own gastrointestinal system.

It’s laid me low again since Sunday night, which annoys the hell out of me and scares the people who love me.

And regular readers know that Daddy died from colon cancer – it’s rampant in our family and it’s still killing way too many people each year.

But right now, I haven’t got time for the pain. Things were scary for a while but are considerably better now (except for my damned right shoulder, which flared up again a minute ago because I forgot and cleaned a spot on the rug). So I don’t want to go there tonight. Positive vibes and all.

But I’ll come back to it. I don’t mind sharing ugly/embarrassing details if it can help anyone else.

Maybe you’ve figured that out.

Today, though, I’d rather talk about happier things. Like getting my new bicycle last Friday evening.

Annabelle stands next to Lolly's new bike, an Electra Wren from Spokes. Zuzu is not impressed.

Lolly’s new bike, an Electra Wren from Spokes. Zuzu is not impressed.

Like seeing the fabulous actors/director panel discussion on the Rep’s presentation of “Death of a Salesman” with Mother at the Clinton School of Public Service yesterday then taking her shopping for a new mattress.

Like seeing Nancy Pelosi today (again, courtesy of the Clinton School) in a packed and polite house under Robinson Auditorium with my friend-since-we-were-teens Anita.

Like the fact that my semi-tame, huge hummingbird is already back, even though he’s way too early and had to fuss at my window because I didn’t have his food out Saturday. Poor little guy. He’s going to be cold tomorrow night. John and I discussed trying to lure him into the house but  haven’t figured out how.

He’s out there right now feeding away as I type. I love that little guy.

Oh, and like spending $84 at Dillard’s for the following: one dress, originally $108; one pair of super-skinny red jeans, originally $88; a leopard print top, originally $29; two sleeveless tunic-length tops (one with a scarf!), one originally $48 and one $34.

There and back in about an hour. Nothing like finding uber-bargains (that actually fit) to cheer up a woman who hates shopping.

And now my aching shoulder decrees that I stop. It doesn’t understand that I don’t have time for the pain. Getting old is for the birds. Except I get five grandchildren for my aches and efforts!

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