This was a two-party week in LollyPopLand. We have lots to celebrate.


Tuesday night was our third election night watch party – and the second in a row to behappy occasions. Good friends, good food, Blue Champagne Cocktails and a repeat (only better if I do say so myself) of the “confidence cake” from four years ago. 

This old lady was up until 2 after cleaning, watching concession/acceptance speeches calming down.

Lolly and Pop in his Barry O Hawaii shirt.

But today was a family affair, a double celebration of my baby boy’s 34th birthday yesterday and his baby boy’s impending arrival tomorrow.

Birthday boy sporting his new “dress” Razorback toboggan.

Our new baby boy will be Luke  – and since my baby boy Ben was an uber-Star Wars fan, it was only right to get a Star Wars-themed cake. (He and Liz were Luke and Leia for days on end as little-bitty kids.)

My over-achieving days are over, though, so I farmed out this cake assignment. Our neighborhood Community Bakery has been our go-to place for non-Lolly/Mom-made cakes for at least 25 years.

My boy Ben has been bigger than me for 20 years, but he’s still my baby. Grandpa Bill can’t get over how time has flown.

We had a crazy good time, as usual. The boys were wild, as usual, and the little girls precious, as usual.

Mother and Bill were hale and hearty, which is something we don’t take for granted anymore.

Instead, we’re grateful for every moment. Especially when we’re all together.

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