Let my love open the door

Tonight I ordered my second canvas print of a green door from Italy. Both green doors were shot on trips with my husband. Being married to John has opened lots of doors, travel-wise. Traveling genes are something we had in common when we met, though he’d done much, much more of it than I’d been able to do in my youth.

Green door on the Grand Canal in Venice, 2007.

As I was looking through our shots from Italy in 2007, trying to find the Venetian green door I shot with my trusty little Olympus aim-and-shoot on the move in a water taxi, I was struck once again by how many photos I take of buildings, angles and doors.

I am a builder’s daughter. That’s also in my genes. (John secretly thinks I’m nuts – it’s an open secret – but he indulges me with my snap-happy fingers, whether I’m shooting buildings or grandkids. OK, or our dogs.)

I was also struck by how much we’ve aged in five years. But we don’t care. We’re lucky to have had them – and soon we’ll have five grandkids to fill up our iPhotos and clog our computers. Time marches on.

Tourist/lovebirds on St. Mark’s Square. No one even noticed us taking this photo (John shot it at arm’s length) because most everyone did the same thing.

I’ve shot many doors in my life (maybe I’ll do a photo retrospective here sometime), but now I’m on the lookout for interesting green ones. Two is just one away from a collection, right?

(Yeah, yeah, I know about Marilyn Chambers. No Behind the Green Door jokes here. She died young at 56 in 2009. Beautiful lady, sad story.)

Anyway, that’s really all for tonight. Just two green doors, one from Venice in 2007, the other from Albiano, a cool little village (in temperature and ambience) in the Italian Alps from this August. (This one I shot with my trusty little aim-and-shoot Canon.)

This bright green door was the only one that hadn’t been modernized on this little street in Albiano, in the Italian Alps. We stopped there randomly to get one last gelato before driving out of the country.

And a happy oldish couple who still feel like young lovebirds most of the time. That’s amore.

Five years older than the first time we set foot on this spot, but thrilled to be back in Florence, if only for the afternoon. Fabulous city. Mind-blowing architecture.

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