Walk of life 2

Things have been conspiring and transpiring to keep me from getting this post done – the walk of life has had some technical and emotional bumps this week.

Yesterday when I came in to blog, our lovely new Comcast internet service (and television, too) was down, and by the time it finally came back up, my services were needed elsewhere.

This morning when I came in to blog, despite an almost crippled-by-arthritis finger, YouTube wouldn’t work. The dogs and I took a long walk, and after a restart of the MacBook, YouTube is back. And the arthritis took a hike.

Those are the most minor of irritations, though. Some of  my dearest ones are going through truly rough times. My heart’s in Washington with John and Kitty and Doris. Wish I were there to hold my hubby’s hand.

But it makes more sense to divide our time. I’ll go next month while John holds down the fort here.

Onward, now to the actual topic of this post, which is a very, very, very, very, very happy one. Perhaps you noticed the change in the tagline, but in case you didn’t, each “very” represents a grandchild, or impending grandchild.

We’re having a population explosion in LollyPopLand. Annabelle’s baby brother arrives in November. Jude and Sylvia will meet their new sibling in April. We’ll have four babies in the family.

(As a youngster, I had two babies in rapid succession – one for each hip. As the older version,  I don’t have enough hips, or nearly the arm strength I once had. But I’ll manage. And I’ll love it.)

Five, count ’em. Five. As my friend and neighbor Theresa so aptly put it, we’ll soon have a gaggle of grandkids.

I’m a word person, not a number person, but I can’t help but notice the interesting numerical pattern that’s developed. After five years of ruling the kingdom as Crown Prince Jude, our first grandchild met his cousin Annabelle in January 2011 and his sister, Sylvia, that June, two weeks after his 5th birthday.

The girls are five months apart in age. Both will be 22 1/2 months old when they meet their younger siblings.

The younger siblings will be five months apart.

Crazy. In a very good way.

My precious baby boy meets his precious baby sister. Ben was 15 1/2 months old when little Liz arrived. Close spacing runs in the family.

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