Suspicious minds

Granted, I am not a morning person. Never have been (sorry, Mother), never will be. I got up at 5 or 5:30 in the morning for 30 years to work out and hated that alarm every time.

But I am pretty technologically savvy. Still, first thing out of bed is probably not the best time for me to get caught in a trap of online madness.

Let me back up. We just changed internet providers, which means I changed email addresses. I have a long-standing gmail account that I keep pretty close to my chest, but before we left for our big vacation, I changed my super-important accounts to my gmail address – like this blog, Facebook, Twitter (you know, the important stuff).

Yesterday was to be the last day for the old email (though, fortunately, as it turns out, it’s still on), so I deleted it from my Apple Mail, iPhone and iPad and changed several accounts to the new address.

This morning I realized I’d forgotten a few and tried to change them quickly. Hah. Have you ever gotten in the loop when you can’t remember your password from an old account and the site wants to mail the password to your old address before you can change to your new address? Sigh. One of them (I’m talking to you, Groupon) just flat refused to cooperate and I had to create a new account.

Whatever. What really got me was that during this updating process, Facebook abruptly threw me off and demanded my cell number so they could text me a security code to let me log back in.

I mentioned I don’t like mornings, right? The one time I don’t put my phone back in the same spot I need the damn thing before I’m fully awake. Black phone on black table + no contact = major cussing. The cheery morning guy I live with found it for me.

So I enter the “security code” and FB lets me in, but I noticed a little line of text flying by that says my phone number will be publicly available.

Um, no. That won’t do. I immediately went to my account info to take it off, only to be told I’d never be able to upload a photo or video from my iPhone again if I remove the number.

Et, tu, Facebook?

Turns out it was a bluff. I took my number off, then posted a couple of photos on our VernaJewel Facebook page. So there.

Shouldn’t fool with old ladies and security settings. And it shouldn’t be so hard to make a simple change like an email address. But it’s liberating to start over – so long unwanted emails, at least until you find me again.


Speaking of photos and vacation, I thought a few from our last spot in Italy, at Suite Accommodation outside Lucca, would be nice. We loved it there and recommend it highly. It’s gorgeous (take a look at the link), and we got a darn good rate on our rooms.

The steep hike up the hill to the main hotel restaurant for breakfast meant you could eat anything you want. Well, not exactly, but they do offer a full, fabulous breakfast.

And darling Adrianna, who (wo)mans the desk looks so much like my Great-aunt Opal did in her youth that I asked to take her picture. She was happy to oblige.

Adrianna did everything she could to make our stay a happy one – and was it ever.

Marie-Noelle and I enjoying the coffee and view.

This fabulous old brick wall in our bedroom was patched with rocks – with fossils!

Makeup-free me in the starfish chair in the Suite Accommodation common room. It’s a fab mix of old and new, including two chairs shaped like high heels.




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