Strange magic

You often hear about ex-spouses who don’t get along or warring ex- and current spouses who can’t stand the sight of each other. Seems to be a very common occurrence.

But sometimes the whole ex/current/step-thing just works; it’s a strange magic.

We fall into that category.

When we arrived at the Geneva airport, Marie-Noelle met us there – she came from work by the ever-so-efficient Swiss train system – then her mother, Rosemarie, whom we call Rosie, picked us all up in her car, driving quite a ways from a few towns over after work.

Hugs and kisses were exchanged all around.

Saturday, Rosie, Marie-Noelle and I slipped off for a girls’ grocery shopping expedition and nice visit over coffee and tea. That evening, Marie-Noelle cooked a fabulous Mexican (tofu) dinner, down to handmade-from-scratch tortillas, for John and me; Rosie and her lovely husband, Nidal, who is Jordanian; and her two little sisters, Aurelia and Laura, whom we love (and who aren’t so little anymore at 22 and 19).

Our chef in her kitchen.

Rosie and Nidal

Aurelia captures dinner on her iPhone with Little Laura by her side.

Big Laura and Aurelia.

Mother and eldest daughter. What a happy night!

Aurelia has come to visit us here in Little Rock. Laura hopes to before too long. We’ll be so glad to have her.

John and I were also part of the belated family birthday celebration the next evening at Rosie and Nidal’s home (Rosie and Aurelia share July 10 birthdays). Aurelia and Laura’s dad, Stephen (along with his girlfriend Karen) came as well, and I got to meet Rosie’s mother this trip.

Marie-Noelle, Laura, Aurelia and Rosemarie

The Monday evening after our whirlwind France/Italy car trip, Marie-Noelle made delicious pizza for her biological and step parents, and Laura and her boyfriend Oliver popped in for dinner, too, with a teeny-tiny field mouse they’d rescued after its mother died. He had dinner, too, from a dropper.

Then Rosie, Nidal, Marie-Noelle, John and I all piled in the living room to watch the U.S. Women trounce Canada in Olympic soccer. Very fun evening.

We said our goodbyes to Rosie and Nidal that night, but we hope they make it to Little Rock or we all take a trip to Jordan with Nidal as our guide before too long.

What can we say? When it works, it works. Magically.

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