Further on up the road

My last night in Washington, John, Kitty and I thought we’d just head into Yakima for dinner, but Norm wanted to take us further on up the road, to The Yellow Church Cafe in Ellensburg.

Striking building, crazy pre-storm sky in downtown Ellensburg, Washington.

That was great for me, since we’ve been past, but not in the town, many times, and it’s a place I’ve always wanted to go. Very cool little town and home of Central Washington University, which has done fabulous work with chimpanzees and sign language.

We didn’t see the chimps that Sunday night, but we did have a nice meal

Remember “Northern Exposure”? It was filmed in the same place John’s beer was brewed.

, plus divine Heavenly Loaves (cheese bread, which we also took home for breakfast) and saw some cool sights, including a wild lightning storm on the way back to Selah.

After sharing three gargantuan desserts, chocolate cake, carrot cake and berry cobbler – which the four of us couldn’t finish – we wandered down to Dick and Jane’s Spot, otherwise called the art house.

Dick and Jane’s Spot. Yes, it’s a real home.

John and I were like kids ourselves, but I kept thinking how much Jude would love it, especially the tin man in the yard.

Part of Dick and Jane’s fence.

More fence – and part of Uncle Sam’s britches.

PG-13 reflector art.

The impending storm had turned the big sky – this is serious big sky country – into a mixture of bright blue and yellow. As we headed back toward Selah, the bright sky turned science-fiction-movie dark, and Kitty and I really hoped to see a space ship rise up over the mountains.

No such luck, but the lightning crashing all around definitely gave things a close encounters feel.

We got back to Selah just before all hell broke loose – Kitty and I nearly got taken down by a flying chaise lounge cushion. Major wind, major excitement for a few minutes. We felt like we’d end up in Emerald City.

But the next morning, Kitty’s flowers were just fine – sister-in-law has an emerald thumb.  She inherited it from her mother and grandmother, but I find it amazing that the desert can yield up such lush and lovely flowers.

As we headed toward Mt. Rainier on our way back to Seattle, the big sky was as blue as these flowers, which made me hear my father playing “Serenade in Blue” on the trombone just by looking at them.

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