Wouldn’t it be nice

When it comes to woodworking, my old man, who answers to John or Pop these days, does great things. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see some of it?

Thanks to modern technology, you can. Lots of it is attached to this big old house we’re restoring, but now some of it is in the form of the finest of furniture. I’m sharing pictures here, but next month, you can see this glorious table up close when it’s on exhibit at Studio Main (unless something changes, in which case I’ll let you know).

The stool resides in our bedroom, and there it will stay.

Soon Julia and I hope will begin taking orders for some of John’s lovely wooden productions through our VernaJewel biz. I’ll let you know about that, too.

Oh, as for the Beach Boys, I rather prefer this LiveAid version, after the guys got some grit to their voices. (They were a bit too poppy for me in the early days.)

And in the believe it or not files, the Popster worked for Al Jardine of the Beach Boys many years ago in Big Sur – did some fine woodworking for him, among other things. He’s just full of surprises.

And talent.

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