Do you want to know a secret?

OK, here’s the thing. For a few months, I’ve been sitting on a secret: My friend Julia (Cason) and I have quietly been building a stash of our  wares. We’ve been busy creating, and between that, school and grandkids, The Lolly Diaries have taken a hit.

(School’s out for summer for us big kids, so I’ll do better.)

Julia and I have a web business in our future, but in the meantime, we go live Sunday from 10-2 at the Bernice Garden Farmers Market. If you’re in the Little Rock area, come see us at Daisy Bates and Main. We’ll be there every week.

We’ll have one-of-a-kind aprons (some from vintage fabrics); upcycled denim jackets, shorts and skirts; cool dog toys and accessories; upcycled/recycled purses; occasional mosaics – and whatever else strikes our fancy, I suppose.

We have a business name, VernaJewel, after my ever-so-creative and talented grandmother. We have business cards. We have enthusiasm and supportive husbands.

We even have T-shirts.

Stay tuned for unfolding developments. In the meantime, here’s a peek.

Vintage fabric finds (the top three) and more.

Aprons, aprons everywhere.

The psychedelic fabric is vintage 1970s.

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