Hello, it’s me

Hello – feels like forever since I’ve been here, but this week just contained a lot of living and little sleep, which made it seem like it lasted forever. It also reminded me of a few life lessons worth reviewing.

One, you may feel young in your head, but, dammit, age does matter. Lack of sleep is harder to overcome at 56. Bodies begin to go southward earlier than we’d like to think, and exercise can only defy gravity so much for so long.

Muscles and joints you didn’t know you had can hurt with little provocation – or when you do the things you could always do but suddenly you can’t without hurting. (Just because you can still pick up a baby with each arm and carry one on each hip doesn’t mean you should. Ouch.)

But then there’s that alternative that my cousin has come way too close to in the past week and a half. She’s still not out of the woods. My son-in-law’s aunt met that alternative this past week.

So we mustn’t complain, right? Or not too seriously.

Seriously, as Jude likes to say.

Two, life throws you curveballs, but you’ve just got to give them your best swings. If you can’t postpone (or ignore) what you’ve “got” to do or “must” do to do what you need to or should do, especially to help others, then you need some more batting practice.

(That’s a baseball metaphor for getting priorities straight, in case I struck out. As I said, I feel like I’ve been off the field for a while.)

On a more personal note: Three, I can still procrastinate with the best of them and can be my own worst enemy. But things still usually turn out all right if I just get started. (Deep breaths, deep breaths.)

Four, I can still sew rather well but am maniacal when it comes to buying fabric. Put. That. Bolt. Down. 

Five, NEVER throw away/give away sewing notions, patterns, pinking shears. But after you have, don’t obsess over how much those buttons, spools of thread, packages of bias tape and vintage patterns would be worth. They’re gone. Get over it. 

Six, music makes everything better. Turn that stereo on!

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