Head over heels

John and I are in the middle of our three-day anniversary trifecta. Eight years have passed since we tied the knot and almost 10 since we fell head over heels.

We were legally married at Quapaw Quarter United Methodist in a brief after-work ceremony attended by my kids, a couple of their friends and a couple of our friends. That was Feb.19, 2004.

The next day, our sisters and their husbands and John and I headed to Costa Rica, then on Feb. 21, an auspicious day for 2004 on the Zen calendar, we had another private ceremony on the beach in front of El Sano Banano cottages in Montezuma with vows we wrote.

Newlyweds relaxing on their El Sano Banano cottage porch.

The bride and groom wore red for the beach ceremony. My daughter also wore a red dress for her wedding, as did my paternal grandmother, though we just found that out a couple of years ago.

The bride lost her passport and driver’s license in a purse theft on that wedding trip and had to get home post 9/11 with no ID, which is another story.

John proposed most prettily at Brave New Restaurant, the place we went for our first “fancy” date. We’ve celebrated several anniversaries there. But last night we celebrated at one of our new favorites, Curry in a Hurry, which recently moved from a less-than-desirable location on Pike Avenue in NLR to the former Amruth in the Market Street Plaza off Rodney Parham.

(The sign still says “Amruth.” It will change next month. If you haven’t been to Brave or Curry in a Hurry, you must.)

In eight years, we’ve acquired a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law, both of whom we love, and the three grandchildren who rock our world. We’ve gained our Tess, lost our beloved Toby, and had big little Zuzu join our family.

If you could observe how much Zuzu is like dearly departed Toby, you’d believe “A Dog’s Purpose” is nonfiction.  Hard to imagine life without her, just as it’s hard to remember a time before John.

Seems like we’ve been together forever, in a good way.


On a blog housekeeping note, I’ve been debating giving up the song title/link to a music video theme. John’s married to the idea, though, and says it would be a shame to give it up.

What do you think? How many of you click on the links to listen to music while you read? Do you like them? Would you miss them? Have you noticed them? (Anything underlined is a hyperlink to either a song or more information on a subject.)

I’m still mulling it over and would appreciate your input/feedback.




2 thoughts on “Head over heels

  1. I know you’re pressed for time these days, so if you need to suspend them while you’re i school that would be understandable, but they sure do make for an enjoyable read. no one can do it quite like you can! Happy Anniversary to our favorite couple, C & P

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