Shiny, happy people (or, Julia and I make soap, part 1)

Julia and I were sudsy, happy women today during and after our first independent foray into making organic soap.  We’d attended a workshop by Ashley Ralston of Folded Flower Soap, but this was our first solo foray.

All in all, it was a splashing success, though one batch was a bit dicey for a while. We might have invented a new technique on the white soap – hand-kneaded, hand-pressed – but it worked out well.

Julia and I made quite a mess, which was pretty easy to clean up – we’re talking soap, after all. Bubbly lather reached rather high when we washed utensils between batches, which we took as a good sign. We also kept washing our hands with soap, which struck us as rather inane, but habits die hard.

I can honestly say my hands don’t feel any drier than usual after having them in soap or soapy water for hours, so I’d say the emollient factor is about right too.

And Julia and I loved our soap-making venture. (

Soap chillin’ on the porch.

We had a ball and our soap is a pure delight. We may have created a squeaky-clean monster.

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