The ocean

John and I played hooky last week for a trip to the ocean with John’s sister, Kitty, and her husband, Norm, and my sister, Cathy, and my bro, Paul. Kitty’s son and daughter-in-law, Brett and Nicole, rounded out the group.

Kitty and Norm have a time share at the Grand Mayan, and with it being 2012 and all, we thought the timing was perfect for a reunion trip. (Nothing rumbled and nobody seemed nervous, but our tour guide at the Chichen Itza ruins did say the Mayans were never wrong, so come December, well, we’ll just see, won’t we?)

Since the very sketchy wifi was $30 a day (or $5 an hour, if you could get it to work), we spent the week pretty much offline, hence the lack of posts. No Internet withdrawal, though – the music of the tide in the background is a sure antidote for that.

I won’t turn this into a travelogue or bore you with a “how we spent our winter vacation” essay, but I do have to brag about my husband’s heroics. My sweet John rescued two men from the vicious undertow during the week, one a stranger who’d gotten in trouble and the other someone we love dearly. Not bad for a 60-year-old.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, some of the week’s highlights in photographic form.

John and I at Bruno's in Playa del Carmen, which is Kitty and Norm's favorite restaurant there – or at least one of them.

Looking down into a 150-foot cenote (a sinkhole) near the Chichen Itza ruins.

John and Paul enjoyed a brief swim in the cenote. Cathy and I just enjoyed the view and seeing our men act like boys.

Our guide at the Chichen Itza ruins was a marvelous teacher. The Brit behind him was part of our group.

Can you see the Mayan warrior in the arena wall? Interestingly, the next day he made an appearance in the book I was reading, Umberto Eco's "Foccault's Pendulum."

Our friend Linda feeds coatis from her deck at Playa Adventura. She and her Paul (one of John's boyhood friends) just happened to be at their condo while we were in the neighborhood.

The Tulum ruins are breathtaking.

This was my view from the edge of the cliff at Tulum – pushed my boundaries a bit with the high wind and the toes on the edge.

Paul and Cathy at the Tulum ruins.

The Hardys at the Tulum ruins

We met this dude in the town of Tulum.

For our last night, Norm and Kitty took us to the fabulous Kartabar in Playa del Carmen. Lebanese heaven with people we love.

One of the nicest things about our trip, beside just being together, was the view (and bird sounds) from our deck.

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