Hard to make a stand

The intention was to write a New Year’s Day blog, but yesterday it was hard to make a stand – literally, after a rough and painful night. Not from too much revelry – from nocturnal inner-thigh cramps that could bring He-man to his knees.

Online research assured me that such cramps, though horrific, aren’t that uncommon for people in my age bracket, but it was the first time for me, and it felt like the flesh was ripping loose from the bone.


My thigh muscles stayed balled up and sore most of yesterday, and they’re still recuperating today. Life goes on.

My inner drama queen (she lives large, unfortunately) could easily have decreed that waking in agony the first day of 2012 portends something ominous – in fact, she tried her damnedest to make that point – but a look at the newspaper quickly hushed her.

After seeing the obituary of a classmate (sad, sad news), my inner pragmatist remembered there are no guarantees and whatever life deals you, you take it and go on.

So, there. Returned to my senses. And today, my thighs have almost returned to normal.

What I wanted to say yesterday is that I don’t make resolutions. Like diets, they set you up for failure too many times. Goals and changes are better for me.

I wanted to say what a pleasure and joy it was to spend the morning with Sylvia in her PJs, smiling and precious. She and Liz spent the night, since Brent’s band, Free Verse, had a NYE gig.

And that Tess took great early morning pleasure in taking toys from the doggy toy box one at a time and showing them to Sylvia – and that when I suggested she show Sylvie one of her new Christmas toys, she went back to the toy box and came up with their new stuffed quail.

Should’ve taken pictures, but I missed the opportunity.

But I hope not to miss many more opportunities. Life is short, and every day is a winding road.

You never know what’s around the corner. My goal is not to miss many more opportunities.

Tess opens a new toy Christmas morning. Zuzu isn’t sure destruction is acceptable.

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