Do the hustle

John and I really did the hustle today. He’s been hustling up a storm lately, but with school taking all my time, I’ve just been able to jump back in.

We’re not taking dance again – but we are in heavy restoration mode. Marie-Noelle, John’s daughter, will be here Sunday evening from Switzerland, and we’re scrambling to get the upstairs guest bedroom useable.

Let me back up and say that one of the major things John and I discovered we have in common (almost 10 years ago!) was a love for remodeling houses. I was in the middle of redoing my little Lilac Circle house when we met. In fact, our first long phone conversation took place while I scampered around on my kitchen countertops priming the nasty old cabinet doors with a clean and cool periwinkle.

John didn’t think that was an odd thing for a 46-year-old to be doing. Why should he – he was living hunkered down in about 1 1/2 rooms of this massive restoration project we call home.

For seven years, we’ve lived in about a quarter of the house, on the first floor, not counting his office upstairs and our second-story screened-in porch, which most people say is their favorite spot in the whole shebang.

Yesterday before primer

Anyway, today started with a trip to Home Depot for me (don’t they all??) for more ceiling paint and another gallon for the walls, while John stayed home to cut in the ceiling paint (Violet Essence) around the crown molding. Then I rolled the ceiling while he cut in around the windows, et. al, with the Mardi Gras purple.


We took a lunch break (Veggie pizza from Vino’s) about 2:30, before heading back upstairs to roll like lunatics. By the time Rhonda came over to see the color around 4? 4:30? we were just finishing. Crazy.

Home Depot had a killer sale on Martha Stewart discontinued paint, so I didn’t get just what I went after – at $13 a gallon (instead of $30), you’ve got to stock up, so I came home with paint for my office and the exercise room upstairs and a gallon of teal to test for the upstairs living/dining area.

Teal test spot. It was a thumbs up.

Zuzu walked into the paint brush as I was painting a test patch and has lovely teal stripes on her face. She also laid against the baseboard primer and has white on her hip. The primer white on her whiskers from yesterday is about gone.

Poor blonde Tess is mortified that she’s got deep purple on her right shoulder from Zuzu slamming her into the wet wall. You can see from the picture that she’s not over the embarrassment yet.

Tess isn’t happy about her purple shoulder.

The teal was a hit, so we went back to HD tonight for two more gallons and primer for the second story bathroom, which will be cranberry. (It’ll work. Trust me.) A cool and knowledgable young man named Tee gave us an impressive demonstration/lesson on how gray is the best primer for reds. Live and learn. Thanks, Tee. HD, give him a raise.

I stayed downstairs and wrapped packages after the second trip. My shoulders are screaming the blues, but we have a purple room. John’s back upstairs doing more work of some sort.

The carpet gets installed tomorrow and the blinds arrived today. As soon as the window frames and sills are painted and dry, they’ll go in. Then we’ll really have a room.

We live easily in the small space down below, but when we hustle, we hustle.

The girls are tired after all their rassling and running up and down the stairs all day. Note the white on Zuzu’s hip.

We’re all happy about the royal purple.

The curved stairs lead to our third-floor loft bedroom. That was an interesting project …

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