If it makes you happy …

I have a new crown in my head, of the dental variety, and it makes me happy. My wonderful dentist, Shirley Reid, just replaced a 31-year-old monstrosity, and it’s the ultimate in artistry. Matches my teeth perfectly and looks quite real.

Life’s simple pleasures are the best, though it’s odd for a vegetarian to flashback to an old pork and beans commercial tune.

My original tooth broke off when I was eating Crunch ’n Munch in my Bentwood rocker shortly after three years of intense pregnancy and/or nursing. (Ben and Liz are 15 months apart, and those years were rough on my teeth, among other body parts.)

Anyway, thinking of that commercial sent me to YouTube, which put me on memory lane, and now I feel better in general, even though two nights in a row of insomnia and the12-hours-end-run of the semester has had me on stress overload.

Be sure to check all the links (if it’s underlined, it’s a link) for some blasts from the past that might make you smile, too. Here’s something that made me ecstatic once upon a time. Hipness in toy form.

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