Carry that weight

When faced with the prospect of replacing a 30+year-old crown and not knowing what might lurk underneath, it helps when your dentist is also your friend. That’s how today started, bright and early with groggy me in perky Shirley’s chair.

That would be Shirley Reid, dentist supreme, and great person to have in my life.

I took a textbook, thinking I could read in the waiting stretches, and thought I’d use the grinding, smoking, molding, etc. time to plan, in my head, the presentation I have to give tomorrow night on the policy paper that had me in tatters last week.

I had just decided how to start the talk when Shirley offered me her iPod to drown out the sounds of the grinding.

Of course I said yes. She cued it up to “Abbey Road” for me. All thoughts of school or anything present went out of my head. The Beatles can always help me carry a weight. And take me back in time. “Abbey Road” takes me back to my ninth-grade year. 

It also takes me back to Tom Bennewise, the first love of my life, whom I met at the Indian Hills pool the summer after the ninth grade. Tom was one of the smartest people I ever knew. Sadly, past tense is correct; he died in February at 57.

His mother made us break up shortly after we passed the one year mark because I wasn’t Catholic. Now both of my children are married to Catholics. Hmmm. And my daughter lives in Indian Hills. Hmmm.

Back to the Beatles and “Abbey Road.” I relaxed (as much as possible in such a tense situation) and let the music take me away. Still knew every note, every word and every song that would come next.

I’m always amazed, when I really concentrate on the individual instruments, at how great the Beatles were. And how under-rated Ringo Starr is. His drumming is impeccable. And he’s a sweetheart.

I reminisced about sitting on my bed with Cathy, stereo playing loudly and me tutoring/torturing her on which Beatle sang which song. Sorry, Cath – I know it stressed you out when I quizzed you, but it was just so important to know. And aren’t you glad now that I did? (Or do you at least forgive me?)

One of the first things Jude could clearly say was “John, Paul, George and RINGO!” while correctly pointing to each one on my refrigerator magnet. Annabelle and Sylvia love gazing at the faces on the 10th-anniversary Beatles poster in our kitchen.

Though I have no memory of buying the poster (um, it was the ’70s), Mother remembers it hanging in my bedroom. It was a happy surprise when I found it in our attic years later.

I’ve left that to Brent in my will. He mentioned to Liz it’s the only thing we have that he’d really love to have. Good boy.

Now I’ve got to get back to that presentation on the sad topic of the VA not being prepared for or properly handling the follow-up care of returning Iraq and Afghanistan vets with PTSD and TBI.

But I think I’ll turn on some music. That always lifts me when I’m down.



3 thoughts on “Carry that weight

  1. Hey Sis, I just had time to catch up on your blog posts. Really enjoyed all of them. I have NO idea what we were that first Halloween in Indian Hills but I do remember the cool jack-o-lantern’s Mother used to create for our front porch. Great times!
    oh, and Yes! I can always tell which Beatle is singing now. We’d make a great Beatles Trivial Pursuit team.

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