Your mother should know

Today was my mother-in-law’s 90th birthday. She was born Oct 21, 1921, right here in Selah, Washington, where we had her party at my sister-in-law’s house.

John and Kitty are thrilled to celebrate their mom's 90th birthday.

Kitty and Norm recently moved from Yakima back to tiny Selah, where she and my hubby, John, grew up.

Doris, who’s always been tiny, has gotten slower, smaller and unsteadier over the years, but she still drives to the beauty salon and to run her errands. She still plays bridge with her friends of many years, loves to watch sports on television and has recently started working crossword puzzles again.

John, his mother, Doris, and Aunt Irene

We should all hope to age as well. Her baby sister, Irene, who’s a sprightly 83, drove herself over the Cascade Mountains from Seattle for the party and to spend some time with her sister and her in-laws. Irene still plays tennis and went to Costa Rica this year.  She’s a wonder to behold.

The Haworth genes are sturdy. These ladies were part of my inspiration to study gerontology. What makes some people so hearty and some not so lucky? That’s a question for the ages, but it seems genetics play a huge part.

Doris and her baby sister, Irene, circa 1928

But so does heart. Doris has a big one, as do Irene and as Kitty, my sister-in-law, and John, my sweet husband.

Doris was a beauty of a young mom with baby Kitty.

So what if I’m ever so behind in schoolwork for the moment. Sometimes life gets in the way. And aren’t we lucky when it does?

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