That’s all right, mama

I’m trying to take lessons about life from my dogs.They really have the best ideas. Every day is the best day, everything is exciting. Beds are for relaxing on (hah, that won’t happen for me, but one can aspire), sidewalks are for walking and the sun if for basking in. Things are really all right.

Tess and Zuzu know how to have fun.

Life if good! Life is great! Everything is wonderful. Live in the present. Stay in the now. C’mon, Mom, let’s play!!

Zuzu has learned to unplug my laptop if I’m working too hard. Pay attention to me, to me, to me. Let’s play, let’s play, let’s play.

Can’t always do that, in the real world, especially with papers and midterms breathing down your neck, but it’s a great thing to aspire to.

Now the dogs and I are chillaxing at home before we take a walk. Gotta get those priorities straight.

The best time is now. The best time is now. The best time is now …

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