I’m sooo tired

I think John Lennon is singing for me. I won’t have a cigarette, but a glass of wine is at my elbow. Don’t see any rest to speak of for the next couple of weeks.

9 p.m. homework break

Maybe not until after that. When am I going to watch Martin Scorsese’s George Harrison documentary?? I have class those nights. Help!

Oh, wait. DVR. So I’ll stay up late and watch it. But then I’ll miss Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert! Acck. I’ll never catch up

Such is the world of a granny in grad school. But I’m not really complaining. I mean, I am taking a break to fart around with YouTube.

Well, maybe I’m whining a little.

Whatever. At least I can’t relate to this one.

If I persevere, there’s a degree at the end of this rainbow of books and notebooks.

Mess o' books and notebooks

Please remind me of that, and often.

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