Will it go round in circles?

Evidently the answer to that musical question is, yes, definitely – at least when it comes to hatred of napping. I gave Mother fits, Ben gave me fits, and now Annabelle hates to nap at the LollyPop house. Everywhere else, she’s pretty compliant. Maybe I’m the complicating factor. Hmmm …

(Side note: I saw Billy Preston sing that song when he opened for and played with George Harrison in Memphis in 1973, the same year that video was made. He had the bouncing-est ’fro you’ve ever seen.)

After crashing, angelic sleep

What brought all this to mind was the wrestling match Annabelle and I had this very morning before she finally gave in and went to sleep.

Her daddy was a very high-energy boy and he hated few things more than being laid down on the floor. Upright and into something was his favorite mode.

Daddy Ben was always on the move.

In fact, he skipped crawling all together, which worried me greatly as a new mom – would he be hampered by missing an important developmental stage?

(Evidently the answer is no. He’s fine. He just got up and walked right before he turned 9 months.)

But being put down for a nap was torture to him. And he quit them entirely, unless he just happened to accidentally fall asleep, at about a year. As did I.  By 2, naps were ancient history for both of us.

When Annabelle stayed here regularly for a few weeks this spring, she fell into a nice routine of napping on the couch. Now at 8 months, she’s quite insulted by such a proposition. I slipped her into the pack ’n’ play a couple of times this morning, but she woke right up the first time and refused to sleep the second time.

So we finally resorted to Lolly’s bouncy ball, which she loved when she was younger. Now it’s a torture device, because she knows bouncing/rocking on it makes her sleepy. She fought. She went stiff. She slapped away her cuddle-bunny, spit out her pacifier and swatted at me.

It was all pretty comical because she looks so angelic. And ultimately, she crashed and took a nice long nap on the couch. Now she’s happy,

I guess that wasn't so bad after all.

rested and talking to me as I type. And, unlike her dad at her age, she’s just about to crawl.

Fun times.

As soon as she fell sound asleep, I turned my iPod dock back on and this was the first song. Perfect, since TP was her daddy’s favorite when he was a baby/toddler. (Wait through the commercial – the original video is worth it.)

So the moral of the story is twofold: Yes, what goes around comes around. And don’t mess with the Lolly. She’s as stubborn as you are.

And just for cuteness sake, here’s a couple of bonus pics of daddy and daughter.

Yay for naps!

One of my favorite photos of my baby boy, spring 1979.

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