One toke over the line, TV-wise …

Short takes night

OK, we admit it. John and I are addicted to Weeds. Plural. As in the Showtime series on Blu-ray. And we really don’t watch much TV. We don’t even get Showtime – we’re HBO for occasional movies and Bill Maher.

It started innocently enough. Son Ben brought over Season 1 with an offhand, “Here, I think you might really like this.” We watched it in less than a week and last night were at his house begging for more. After tonight, we’re four episodes into Season 2. We’re on a binge.


As far as other TV goes, we (I) rarely miss The Daily Show, and though we haven’t officially joined the Colbert Nation (and what is up with the Super Super Pac??), I find it hard to sleep without seeing what that southern Catholic boy and faux conservative is up to each night.

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