Age is a battlefield, and here’s a new weapon

We baby boomers don’t go down easily — we’re a stubborn bunch. When age creeps up on us, we find a quick dodge (over here, in this new hybrid with the Grateful Dead and DMB stickers) or a new weapon to add to our arsenal. (Restylane, anyone?) As Pat Benatar sang, “We are young, heartache to heartache, we stand …” but unlike those ’80s power lyrics, we do make demands for products to help us A-word more comfortably.

And some crafty person or company usually complies. Such is the case with these handy little doodads from Do or Die Fitnesss. Just when my bony knees and achy wrists were making me think gravity might have to win out because donkey kicks and plank pose were becoming torturous, these little pads came to the rescue. Not only do they ease the ouchies as a yoga or even thicker Pilates-type mat could no longer do, but they add an element of wobble, which adds a nice core workout as well.

Just don’t plan on using the knee rings shortly before donning shorts or an above-the-knee skirt — the circle dents on my knees take quite a while to fill back in. And don’t leave them on the floor if you have grandkids or dogs in the house — they look remarkably like chew toys to the kiddos. Oh, and concentrate when using them, because you can slide off.

The flat neck ring is great for ab work or savasana  (corpse pose in yoga); it adds a level of comfort while keeping your head level whether you have neck issues or not. But if you’re doing ab work like crunches and have an ouchy lower back or bony sacrum, it’s great for double-duty as a nice sacral pad. Waayy better than feeling your bones grind into the floor/mat.

Also in the double-duty category: You can use the wedges to elevate your heels for squats or stand on the rings for any standing exercise to add just a bit of balance/teeter factor. Every little bit helps.

At about $45 for a complete set, they are darned expensive, but you can find them for less at some sites online. And, like most things, they’ll probably come down in price. But when it comes down to comfort, if it keeps you exercising, can you really put a price on that?

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