A very merry unbirthday to Zu and 2

When my personal children were little, we had several Disney soundtracks on LP (that’s vinyl for any hipsters who might be reading this) — as well as Mickey Mouse’s Mousercise, which we did daily, after Mama got her time to do Jane Fonda’s original workout, also on LP. You had to stop mid-workout and turn it over. But that’s another story for another day. This is about unbirthdays — which comes from one of our favorite songs on the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack, “A Very Merry Unbirthday!” I’ve been hearing it in my head for several days now.

For this is a big unbirthday week for us — or mini-birthdays. Whatever you want to call them, Zuzu is 9 months old today, Little Miss Sunshine (also known as Annabelle) turned an unfathomable 6 months Monday and Sweetness in Miniature, Sylvia Frances, will be 1 month tomorrow. And she’s actually not so mini anymore; just like her cousin Annabelle, she’s on track to be 10 pounds at 1 month.

In German Shepherd years, 9 months is the Terrible Twos. For big little Zuzu, though, it’s more the freakazoid, “I’m suddenly scared of cameras — but not the vacuum!” years. Human ankles, feet and forearms are chew toys, and her hot-pink Gaiam time-out meditation mat is a challenge: Just how many strips can she tear it into? But we really can’t complain; she’s never chewed a shoe and only once nibbled on a chair (and Tess had done it first, so it was already damaged), and she can entertain herself by throwing, then chasing a ball. She loves everybody, but most especially her boy, our grandson, Jude. They have a fort in the bamboo and major-league fun.

Zuzu is currently scared of cameras, so she had to be caught off guard for this photo.

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