You say it’s your birthday …

Jude’s 5th Birthday Root Beer Ice Cream

Easier than pie, believe me —

5 cups half & half

7/8 cup sugar

1 tbsp + 1 tsp (or 4 tsps if you’re so inclined) Zatarain’s Root Beer extract

Pour into a bowl, whisk well until sugar is dissolved and extract blends in.

Pour into old-fashioned (electric, not hand-crank — we’re not that retro) ice cream maker canister and prefreeze for an hour or so (in a freezer, deep or chest if you have one).

Put canister in ice-cream maker, add ice, rock salt, ice and rock salt. Plug it in and let it churn until it stops.

Pull canister out of ice; pull churny-thing out of canister and get out of the grown men’s way — they’ll fight you for it.

Serve with made-from-scratch maple cake (cream cheese frosting, please) or alone. Be sure to serve yourself before it’s all gone. It will be in a flash.

Pop and Jude say, “Yum.”

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