What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

AKA random chatter about one of my favorite things in the world.

On Eddie Vedder’s Ukulele Songs (which I recommend if you like EV or the ukelele), his “Dream a Little Dream of Me” is of course very different from Mama Cass’s version. Makes me hear her in my head, though.

Had I gotten my way, my daughter would be named “Layla.” I didn’t (get my way), but her ringtone on my iPhone is “Layla,” so there’s that. And Elizabeth, her given name, is mentioned in one of my favorite Allman Brothers’ songs — “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed,” which is actually my daughter-in-law, Elizabeth’s, ringtone.

Shuggie Otis: “Hurricane.” Boy Wonder.

  The London Howlin’ Wolf Sessions: One of the best albums ever recorded. You can still get it on CD, and you should, if you dig the blues.

Another one of the greatest albums ever recorded, from that little band from Oakland with the big, big sound. Woke up singing “What Is Hip?” on this Fourth of July 2011, which somehow seems perfectly patriotic. Tower of Power is what Chicago wanted to be when they grew up. (And, yes, grammarians and copy editors, technically that “they” should be “it,” but that sounds unhip. Which won’t do, when discussing Tower of Power.)

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