This boy

Happy birthday, Jude, my love! Hard to believe this boy is 6 today.  The crown prince of LollyPop Land arrived just after 4 p.m. six years ago today.

Although we’ve had a preciousness explosion with the girlies and baby boy No. 2 will debut in November, Jude will always have the distinction of being the first. I’ve got what some would call an obsessive or ridiculous number of photos of the young prince’s early years, but what can I say?

He’s worth every one of them.

Now he’s a big boy. When we stand back to back, he’s more than half my height (of course I’m not terribly tall, but, still, for 6 he’s a long drink of water). His insight is hilarious and often astute.

He knows George Harrison died from smoking and that some man killed John Lennon, though he can’t understand why anyone would do that.

I just made him some Batman shorts and Star Wars shorts. He’s pretty happy about that. And about the Obama family photo I gave him for his room. He’s an interesting mix of big and little.

We still dig him immensely.

In his honor, here’s a quick look at some special, random moments.

June 27, 2006. Proud parents to be …

Jude loves Mama.

JuJu discovers the doggy door. He still uses it.

Toddling around the kitchen.

Bath time was fun. Now the big boy showers.

Love you, sweet boy.


Oh, yeah, today is also the first birthday of The Lolly Diaries. I kept a real diary once, in fourth or fifth grade. Did it for exactly one year, a little pink locking one. When the year was up, I stopped.

That was enough commitment for little Laura. Wore me out. I don’t even know where that diary is now, though I do remember it had a very unkind reference to a classmate’s bloomers as “ruffled cow pants.”

I’ll do better this go around, commitment- and comment-wise.

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