I saw her standing there

Songs with “Sylvia” in the title are few and far-between and tend to be dark, to boot. I’m ever-so-proud of Sylvia’s mother, my beautiful daughter and still really dig the quirky Dr. Hook song, but that’s not right.

The Eurythmics’ “Sylvia” definitely won’t work. It’s much too dark, and little Sylvie is nothing but light. She is a bit of a “Wild Thing,” and definitely makes my heart sing, but since she just started walking all over the place and was beyond preciousness when I saw her standing there in her Minnie Mouse birthday dress, well, you get it.

Besides, nothing quite creates a sense of joy like the early Beatles. And Sylvia is all about joy.

Minnie Mouse was the theme, but Syl wasn’t too thrilled about the ears.

(Jude thinks The Beatles anticipated his birth and wrote “Hey, Jude” just for him. Annabelle has already fallen for Paul – she goes straight for him on my antique Beatles poster in the kitchen every time we look at it. Sylvia seems to be leaning toward George, the heartbreaker, who tends to make me tear up every time I hear his voice these days. But I digress.)

Today big little Sylvia is 1 year old. She was tiny at birth and is a tall, sturdy, walking 1-year-old. How did that happen so fast? Just the other day she was taking tiny tottering steps; now she’s stepping lively in Stride Rite shoes.

(My personal children were whoppers at birth and little 1-year-olds. Didn’t get tall again until junior high, at which point they shot past their mom.)

Just like her mommy, she’s a little clown. Loves to laugh, loves to make others laugh and has the biggest smile you’ve ever seen.

Actually, she has the same smile Sylvia’s mother had at that age.

Mommy and Daddy are the best! This car is perfect!!

Of course it was love at first sight for all of us that grows by the day. We’re so lucky to have her.

And as you can see, she’s a vision in polka dots. Happy birthday, little darling.

Sylvia started walking just in time for her first birthday party, which really showed off her dress Lolly made.

First birthdays are festive events.

Dancing Annabelle is in serious party mode. Sylvia and Samantha are also seriously cute. They’re the party dolls.

Jude was the perfect big brother at the party. He adores his little sis.

Sylvie and Lolly in our matching outfits. My first dance recital was to the Mickey Mouse Club theme song, so we’ve both worn mouse ears for events.

Sylvia shows her balancing skills while Great-Grammy and Great-Aunt Gracia keep watchful eyes on the situation.

Sylvia seems to be saying, “Come on into my kitchen,” as she tests out some of her gifts after the party. Big day for a little girl.

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