We had a jumping good time at Jude’s 6th birthday party the other day. His real birthday is June 28, so the party jumped the gun a bit, but since kids get scattered for the summer, he didn’t mind.

Birthday boy Jude and almost birthday sister Sylvia

The party at Jax Huff ’n’ Puff in North Little Rock featured some fabulous trampolines, including a pair of Olympic quality ones for adults only.

Cathy was there with her grandson, Jude’s cousin Nathan, so the Cartwright girls had a big time jumping on the big-daddy trampolines. I literally jumped so high once that I screamed, and those who know me well know I’m not a screamer.

Cousin Nathan Crawford, sister Cathy’s grandson

Sooo much fun! The kids had a ball, too.

Nathan and Jude at the block pit.

Little Miss Fearless, aka Sylvia Frances, crawled all over the padded floor, and up and down any obstacle that got in her way. She even tried to climb onto the next to lowest balance beam.

Fearless in a sea of mats

Sylvia’s hairdo is representative of her activity level. Her bow was long gone.

The boys, Josie and Iris, swung on a rope, built a fort of floor pads, jumped on trampolines, dove in the foam block pit – and had a foam-block battle with Papa, Jude’s other grandpa (Brent’s dad, Bob Stroud).

BatJude and cousins

Josie Roberson models her frosting blue lipstick.

All the kids, old and young, had a happy day.

She walks on the beam with the greatest of ease, the daring young mom on a, well, balance beam.

After the party, I jumped back into the LR Film Festival, making it back in time to catch Future Weather, which is great (and made me cry). Before the party, I darted down to Riverdale to catch Clean Lines, Open Spaces, about mid-century modern architecture in Arkansas.

Fascinating. Of course, I’m a builder’s daughter and we spent Sundays going to look at buildings for years in my youth. But I recommend both for anyone.

Other faves from the festival, in addition to the fabulous and funny Bernie, included The World Before Her (tears), about the dichotomy that is the life of women in India today, and A Sister’s Call (again, made me cry).

If you think your family has problems, that documentary will make you grateful for what you’ve got. Appearance is definitely not reality in most cases in life, and A Sister’s Call makes that very clesr.

But reality is that Jude has made the jump from little boy to tall, almost-6-year-old first-grader.

Birthday boy

And Sylvia will turn 1 in nine days.

Life is progressing in leaps and bounds. So, hey, we might as well jump, right? Can’t stand still.

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