My guy

Today was a big day – my No. 1 little guy graduated from kindergarten at Indian Hills Elementary. I cried, to my surprise. Jude’s gotten so big so fast. And he’s such a smart and handsome little fellow.

He’s writing and reading and can count to “120+,” as his report card says. Where he really excels is in art; the boy can draw, and there’s not much he’d rather do. We’re ever so proud of him.

The little girls were happy to be there, and Annabelle clapped for every child that received a “diploma.” Very cute. Sylvia shouted “JuJu!” at least once – just yesterday she started saying her big brother’s name, or her version of it. Jude’s pretty proud about that.

They’re a beautiful bunch of grandkids, and we can’t wait for No. 4 to get here in November. Happy times for Lolly, even if today made me cry.

Our little graduate.

Annabelle studies the program while Sylvia surveys the crowd pre-ceremony.

Annabelle studies the program some more. She clapped for each graduate.

Proud Mom and sister watch Jude.

Proud family: cousin Annabelle, Mom (Liz) Sylvia, Dad (Brent) and first-grader Jude.

Jude “Job Well Done” Stroud, kindergarten graduate!



On another note, photos from Day 1 of VernaJewel:

Getting ready.

The VernaJewel girls. Sylvia was our mascot for the day.

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