Good day sunshine

We’ve had a megashare of good-day sunshine lately, with flowers, trees and plants confused and allergies in full bloom. Looks like Old Man Winter skipped us this year.

But even if he’d come and stayed, we have plenty of sunshine in our house these days. Friday was another girlies day, but Jude was able to come too, since he was on spring break.

He and Pop enjoyed the weather by visiting Besser Hardware (guy stuff) and playing together at The Bernice Garden, one of the nicest of the nice new spots on our beloved South Main.

If you haven’t visited it, you should, and you might want to make a mental note of the Sunday Bernice Gardens farmers market that will start in May.

Our little neighborhood is growing up, just like our grandkids.

Annabelle is walking, Sylvia’s got a mouthful of teeth, and Jude is just a big boy now. We might as well admit it. He’s one tall kindergartner, he can read, and he’s quite the artist these days.

Friday Jude invited the little girls into his “toy room” (where he also allows me to keep my clothes) for the first time, and they were pretty happy about it.

Sylvia checks out the books while Annabelle explores. Jude is busy in the back.

Annabelle consults with Jude. Sylvie's just happy to be there.

Big girl Annabelle can reach Jude's sticker decorations now.

Casual, pantless Friday.

Then he demonstrated his skills at Lego Batman on our Wii, until my old man declared it was time for the guys to do some work on getting our vegetable plot ready.

What should I do with this, Pop?

Annabelle had gone home by then, but Sylvia and I joined them in the back yard for some glorious weather and sneezing exercises.

Sylvia gets in the act …

… and offers suggestion.

Even the four-legged girls have been sneezing and snorting lately.

After Jude and Sylvie left with Dad, Annabelle came back in her precious zebra jammies to hang out and make us laugh while Mama and Daddy went to dinner. They picked her up before 8 and before sunset.

Zebra jammies get a big thumbs up. Annabelle loves Photo Booth.

It was good-day sunshine all day long. And the weather was nice too.

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