Family affair

The Christmas holiday has always been a family affair, but this year it was a bigger one than ever. John’s daughter, Marie-Noelle, and her boyfriend, Cesar, came all the way from Switzerland to join us.

Marie-Noelle’s mother, Rosie, is Swiss, and Marie-Noelle, who has duel citizenship, has lived mainly in Switzerland for years. Cesar is Portuguese but moved toSwitzerland 10 years ago.

We had a great, great visit, and one of our gifts from them was a gourmet dinner they prepared with Portuguese wine chosen by Cesar. 

Liz and Marie-Noelle look like sisters and people say they both look like me. (Marie-Noelle is really a female version of her dad. They look so much alike it makes people laugh sometimes.) And, as John puts it, I’m the “missing link” between Elizabeth and the other two girls because people often assume my daughter-in-law is my daughter and tell me how much she looks like me.

“See!” Marie-Noelle said the other night as we talked about the odds of us all favoring each other. “Our families were meant to come together.”

Nice. And now we have Cesar to add to the mix. The dogs adored him instantly and the babies took to him, too – can’t get better references than that, in my book.

This morning we dropped our Eurokids at the airport so things will be getting back to normal – and I promise I’ll be LollyDiarying more regularly. But for today, please indulge me in a holiday family affair photo essay.

Zuzu in her bow (before it exploded) and Tess in her kerchief pose with Cesar and Lolly on Christmas Eve.

Zuzu, Cesar, Marie-Noelle and Dad/Pop

Zuzu looks for more treats (our dogs aren't spoiled).

There are few things Tess likes better than opening presents, even if it is a stinky old bowl.

Sleepy but excited on Christmas morning.

SpiderJude snuggles up to Aunt Elizaelf

The precious ones both got toy phones. And pretty much all of the attention.

The clan at Mother's. The ladies in red are Lolly in the background, Mother on the stool, Sister Cathy in the red sweater.

And there's Ben in another mob mayhem shot.

Suddenly it's time to go :(

Father and daughter sad faces. See how much they favor?

Our Eurokids are spending New Year's in Chi-Town before heading back to the Alps.

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